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We've introduced this page so that customers can see when we've added any new products to the website.


Whether it's a newly released item from the manufacturer, or a clearance item that we think you'd want to know about, we'll add it to this Hot New Products page for a while, as well as including it in the appropriate section of the site.


It's certainly worth taking a regular look at what's on offer here - we're sure you'll find something of interest sooner or later!


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Preston Innovations DF20 Gilet
Perfectly complementing the DF20 suit the Gilet provides warmth and increased mobility when worn in conjunction with the bib & brace and the ultimate winter combination when layered up with the complete suit.
Preston Innovations Thermal Socks
Will keep your feet warm and comfortable in the most extreme fishing conditions, with expanding, elasticated cuffs which offer support and ensures a secure perfect fit.
Drennan Medium Carryall
Rigid moulded base, tough waterproof fabric and padded shoulder strap the NEW Drennan Medium Carryall is ideal for the angler that needs to take all the essentials but leaving the kitchen sink firmly in place.
ESP Syncro XT Loaded Monofilament Line
ESP Syncro XT Loaded mono filament mainline is an improvement on one of the most popular carping and specimen mainlines available today. More invisible and supple than its predecessor are just a couple of its new attributes. Click on it to find out how they did it...
Cost: £62.99
RRP: £69.99
More information
Cost: £5.49
More information
Cost: £49.95
More information
Cost: £19.95
More information

ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon
Newly revamped this ESP Soft Ghost fluorocarbon is now even softer with more stretch. It is a pure fluorocarbon so provides maximum invisibility in water.
ESP Reel Pouches
These new protective reel pouches from ESP offer a barrier from scrapes and damage to your line when loading your rods and reels into the car or going through trees and brambles.
ESP Rod Quiver and Sleeve
NEW from ESP these Quiver Holdalls are each supplied with their own protective rod sleeve to keep your rods safe and protective reel pouches that attach to each other are also available too.
Preston Innovations Space Shuttle Groundbait Bucket Hoop
The Preston Innovations Space Station Shuttle Groundbait Bucket Hoop purpose designed to accomodate most groundbait buckets and makes it easier to load your shuttle. Front loading to transfer and distribute weight, which improves balance and makes your shuttle easier to push.
Cost: £7.95
More information
Cost: £6.95
More information
From: £6.95
More information
Cost: £17.99
RRP: £19.99
More information

Preston Innovations Flat Feeder Rest
The NEW Preston Innovations Flat Feeder Rest is combining the benefits of a fixed position head with the rod adjustment of a conventional Dutch style rest.
Preston Innovations Soft CAD Pots
Made from soft rubberised material to grip most popular sized top kits (5mm-7mm) without causing damage.
Preston Innovations Double Kup KUP13
The NEW Double Kup from Preston innovations is a highly versatile pole pot. It allows the angler to feed in large amounts and can even be used to feed two separate areas or the same swim with two different balls of groundbait and pellets.
Preston Innovations Pellet Pult
The NEW Preston Innovations Pellet Pults incorporate PTFE Bush Anti Twist Technology which greatly reduces elastic twist which can be a big problem when firing bait regularly.
Cost: £6.99
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
From: £1.99
More information

GURU Inline X Safe Leads GIL
The in-line leads come complete with a soft insert as standard, which, when removed, can be replaced with the Guru X-Safe elasticated insert to totally revolutionise bomb fishing.
GURU Incredible Pult GIP
The Incredible Pult is the third addition to our catapult range and is our dedicated distance catapult. It has been designed to help group your free offerings tightly, even at maximum range, making it perfect for feeding pellets and particles accurately.
GURU Speed Bead GSB
GURU Speed Beads are a great new product from the GURU camp, ideal for changing hook lengths and rigs in an instance.
GURU Neoprene Rod Bands GNRB
Neoprene rod bands, brand new from Guru. These highly practical angling essentials will make your rods look great when you need to keep them together without damaging your lines.
Cost: £2.85
More information
Cost: £9.99
More information
Cost: £2.49
More information
Cost: £6.99
More information

Clearance Clothing - Misc
Other items of clearance clothing from various companies and manufacturers including Garbolino and more Preston items.
ESP and Fox Clothing Sale
Clothing from two of specimen anglings great names, ESP and Fox all reduced for your pleasure.
Preston, Korum and Avid Suit Sale
Preston Celsius, Avid Carp and Korum 3 in 1 Suits are in our Discount Clothing Sale.
Preston Innovations Clothing Sale
Fleeces, Jackets and Shirts all figure is this selection of Sale and Clearance clothing from the massively popular Preston Innovations.
From: £4.00
More information
From: £53.00
RRP: £99.99
More information
From: £89.00
RRP: £169.99
More information
From: £8.00
RRP: £74.99
More information

Drennan Series 7 Clothing Sale
Drennan Series 7 Clothing is excellent quality with the angler looking for value for money in mind. Great looking clothing at a very good price.
Clearance Daiwa Clothing
A selection of Daiwa Polos, Hoodies, Jackets and Fleeces at great prices in our Discount Clothing Sale.
Daiwa Gore-Tex and Windstopper Clothing Clearance
Daiwa Gore-Tex and Windstopper Clothing has stood the test of time over the years and is often referred to as "Clothing For Life". Here we have a selection of a few items we are clearing at fantastic prices. Hurry though, limited stocks only.
Greys Strata Thermal Jacket - Clearance
The new Strata quilted jacket is filled with Grey's unique Thermatex™ 500 filling to keep you warm on the chilliest of days. An essential in any winter wardrobe, this jacket will keep you warm while fishing, or just out and about, and has a rainproof coating to keep you dry in light rain
From: £26.95
RRP: £64.99
More information
From: £12.00
RRP: £110.00
More information
From: £195.00
RRP: £350.00
More information
Cost: £44.00
RRP: £59.99
More information

Clearance Poles
Here we have a selection of poles that we have in store and are selling at a discounted price to make way for new stock.
Discount Float and Feeder Reels
Discounted float and feeder reels from the likes of Daiwa, Shimano, Preston and MAP.
Discount Specialist Reels
Discounted specimen style reels ideal for barbel fishing on rivers right through to spinning for big big pike and zander.
Discount Carp and Pike Reels
Discounted reels more suited towards the carp and pike side of angling including baitrunners and big pit varieties.
From: £43.00
More information
From: £49.00
More information
From: £88.00
More information
From: £50.00
More information

Sensas 334 Match Seat Box Pack
This lightweight seat and platform set is perfect for the match angler who wants to travel light.

Waterline 3 and 5 Drawer Seat Box
Lightweight Aluminium Deep base unit Adjustable legs Comfortable high density pole seat Easy grip drawer handles 1 cross drawer / 2 front drawers Easy access clips Adjustable padded strap Super Value
Daiwa 40 Seat Box
The detachable cassette top contains one side drawer and a shallow tray.
Daiwa 50 Seat Box D50SB
The Daiwa 50 seat box is built around a strong aluminium frame and features an integrated telescopic leg system.
Other features include a padded pole seat and a top shallow compartment for general storage. The detachable cassette system also includes a shallow top tray, two side trays and two front drawers.
Cost: £160.00
RRP: £199.00
More information
From: £75.00
RRP: £110.00
More information
Cost: £84.00
RRP: £104.99
More information
Cost: £125.00
RRP: £165.00
More information

Discount Garbolino Feeder Rods
A selection of feeder and bomb rods from Garbolino as part of our discount rod sale. Limited stocks only!
Discount Shakespeare and Tri Cast Feeder/Bomb Rods
Shakespeare and Tri Cast feeder rods at superb discount prices!
Discount Daiwa Feeder Rods
Daiwa Feeder Rods at great prices in our discount rod sale.
Discount Preston Innovations Feeder Rods
World renowned Preston Innovations Feeder rods at great prices in our discount sale.
From: £99.00
More information
From: £35.00
More information
From: £85.00
More information
From: £100.00
More information

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