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Pole Fishing

Sub categories

A selection of universal cupping top 2s, permanent cup systems and semi fixed pole cups, for example the Fox Toss Pots, that will cater for most poles and occasions.

Daiwa are undeniably one of the most popular manufacturers of poles and pole fishing accessories and have a huge range of items to cover just about all aspects of pole fishing. Whether you require a ready made pole rig or a top of the range 16m pole Daiwa cater for all, and are constantly bringing out new and exciting products.

Drennan have been synonymous with pole fishing for many years and are proud sponsors of the very successful Drennan Team England. Drennan boast a gargantuan array of pole fishing end tackle, accessories, luggage and a small range of poles to boot.

All the tools and accessories needed to elasticate your pole to your exact needs. With a wide range of both solid and the ever popular and versatile hollo and Hydro elastics from manufaturers like Preston Innovations, Daiwa, Drennan, Maver, Future, Middy and Sensas.

The value range of fishing poles to suit all types of pole fishing. Grandeslam offer everything from margin poles to full take-apart competition poles at 13m.

West Midlands based manufacturer of match fishing accessories, rods,poles and clothing.
Started by Dave Harrell in the late 70's and now grown in to a world famous brand of equipment.

Maver has come on in leaps and bounds in the last ten years and their new range of Competition poles certainly justify this. At the forefront of cutting edge pole technology they are encorporating things like Nanolith and Suncore into their pole making . They also lay claim to a wide range of pole fishing accessories for example the ever popular Match This Internal Bushes which are ideal for hollo elastics.

Here you will find our latest pole offers and discounts with everything from top of the range poles through to margin poles and starter set ups.

The Middy pole fishing range hosts an impressive array of poles and accessories including the innovative Shock Stick which has helped many people above the ton of carp mark and well beyond that too! There is also the superb quality and value for money Carbon Live Whip which is as comfortable catching small roach as it is catching decent sized carp.

Essential items of equipment for all pole anglers who like to look after their pole and maintain that it stays in top condition. From joint protector, skid bungs and cleaning kits all aspects of pole protection is taken care of.

A range of pole rollers from free standing V and flat rollers to small compact V rollers that you can screw on to a bankstick. Brands such as Preston Innovations, Daiwa, Maver, Sensas and Seymo all feature.

Preston Innovations is becoming increasingly popular by the minute and this is mainly due to their continuous effort to bring new and innovative (hence the name) products to the market. There range of poles and accessories is certainly inkeeping with this and they host an array of products suitable for the first time angler right up to the seasoned professional.

With a vast and diverse number of fishing situations faced in today's angling, it is important to be ready for anything, and a wide range of rigs is certainly included in this.
Ready-made rigs from Daiwa, Preston Innovations and Drennan, plus a whole host of rig making accessories from top brands for those who choose to make their own all feature here.

Sensas are employing all of the latest manufacturing techniques and using the most up-to-date materials. BUT, today’s anglers often require even more. So, once again, Sensas have stepped up the the mark with special features in their latest poles.

One thing that the Shimano product range does not lack is attention to detail and this certainly rings true for the selection of poles that they offer. Manufactured from top quality materials the Beastmaster B Margin Pole is just one example of the true quality Shimano provide as its appalling strength and excellent performance will handle big double figure carp with ease!

We carry various spare sections in stock, a selection of which are listed in this category. However, we are also often able to obtain other sections to order, even when the pole has been deleted from the manufacturer's catalogue - so please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Tr-Cast's achievements reached over the past 30 years of manufacturing totally in the UK have been nothing short of spectacular. Without fear of contradiction what Tri-Cast has to offer the angler is not only the very best in design, but proven performance, finesse, power and reliability throughout their whole range of carbon fibre rods and poles.

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