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We've introduced this page so that customers can see when we've added any new products to the website.


Whether it's a newly released item from the manufacturer, or a clearance item that we think you'd want to know about, we'll add it to this Hot New Products page for a while, as well as including it in the appropriate section of the site.


It's certainly worth taking a regular look at what's on offer here - we're sure you'll find something of interest sooner or later!


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Drennan Rive Limited Edition Seatbox - NEW for 2014!
A col­lab­or­ative effort has lead to this all-new Drennan Rive seatbox in Drennan's eye-catching aqua, black and grey colour scheme. It is based on the Rive ST frame which includes top quality fea­tures such as the HSP foot­plate and super sturdy D36 Open leg system. Rive has replaced the standard wooden drawer ven­eers with stylish aqua plates, while the handles them­selves have been strengthened and improved.
Garbolino Side Trays - NEW!
A choice of two top quality Garbolino side trays, both with versatile fittings which accommodate all leg systems including D25/D36. Strong and stable, the side tray with a hooded rain cover is perfect for winter or if you are travelling to places such as Ireland where gales and rain are expected! The other tray comes with 2 extendable legs and has an EVA trim to prevent pole damage.
Garbolino Deluxe Horizontal `W` Pole Roller - NEW!
If you want the ultimate in luxury pole rollers then look no further than the Garbolino Deluxe Flatbed 'W' version which has two separate rolling stations to make double shipping easy. The sloping rollers eliminate pole twist when shipping in and out, whilst the double extendable solid, sturdy legs give a maximum height of 1.1m.
Garbolino Standard Pole Roller - NEW!
This new economy flatbed roller from Garbolino is perfect if you only want a small pole roller which goes comfortably into your carryall. Not everyone wants or needs a huge bulky roller! This model is also perfect as a second or spare roller, for the odd times when you need two. Great value for money!
Cost: £1099.90
More information
Cost: £53.99
RRP: £59.99
More information
Cost: £62.99
RRP: £69.99
More information
Cost: £20.69
RRP: £22.99
More information

Daiwa Complete Net Pack - 2 keepnets, landing net + stink bag!
This Daiwa Complete Net Pack features a 3.0m carp keepnet and 2.5m silverfish keepnet, plus a 50cm landing net head and stink bag. All Team Daiwa nets are ‘Fish Friendly’ and have passed stringent fish care tests. The keepnets feature ultra secure ‘twist lock’ angle adjustment and have pull-through handles for ease of weighing.
Preston Innovations Distance Cage feeders
Preston Distance Cage Feeders, this range of feeders are specifically designed for distance casting, the lead is bottom mounted which improves accuracy in crosswinds.
Garbolino Tectra Carp Picker Rods, NEW!
The Garbolino Tectra Picker range have been designed specifically for fishing UK commercials with small method feeders, cage/plastic open ends up to 30g, or bomb fishing. Beautifully light and slim high modulus carbon blanks which are a pleasure to use. The progressive power action in these rods gives them enough backbone to cast accurately good distances up to 45-50m.
Dynamite Baits Super Fishmeal Hook Nuggets - NEW!
A new form of pellet from Dynamite Baits that have been designed for commercial match fishing. A highly visible and extremely durable hook bait with a unique texture that means the bait is hard enough to be used with a bait band but soft enough too hook directly or hair rig. Made from high quality premium fishmeals, amino acids and feed inducing triggers.
Cost: £62.99
RRP: £69.99
More information
Cost: £1.75
More information
From: £89.99
RRP: £99.99
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information

Dynamite Baits Floating Distance Surface Paste - White or Brown, NEW!
Specifically designed for surface fishing at range, the new Dynamite Baits Floating Distance Surface paste baits are easy to hook and mould around the hook shank ensuring that they stay on even at distance. The range consists of a white version, which imitates bread, and a brown version to replicate the look of a standard pellet or biscuit.
Korda Goo Liquids - inc NEW 2014 FLAVOURS
The new concept in fish attractant from those clever guys at Korda that has taken the angling world by storm! This additive creates a bait trail that no carp can resist. Six NEW 2014 flavours now included, too!
Daiwa Mission Deluxe Chair - NEW for 2014!
The NEW Mission Deluxe Chair features a fixed luxurious padding and has a low profile steel construction. Measuring 54cm back x 53cm seat x 35cm, its telescopic legs extend to 84cm and have small mud feet. The legs themselves are fitted with leg locks and the chair has a fixed padded soft touch mattress.
Matrix 3D Groundbait Square Bowl & Hoop - NEW!
As with all the new 3D Seatbox Accessories, this Matrix groundbait hoop has removable inserts and can be used on 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round seatbox legs. Comes with a 38cm shallow square groundbait bowl with lid, fitted on a Snag-Free box accessory hoop with Snag-Free knuckle. Made from waterproof material with a thick base, sealed seams and zip lid. Accommodates four 2.2pt or 3.3pt bait tubs.
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £11.99
More information
Cost: £62.99
RRP: £69.99
More information
Cost: £31.99
RRP: £37.99
More information

Bag `em Pork Luncheon Meat, 8mm cubes, 150ml
This Bag 'em product is made from premium quality Plumrose pork luncheon meat. Freshly cut into 8mm cubes in a resealable pot, dyed and flavoured for your convenience. It eliminates all of those hours spent cutting, flavouring and dying your own luncheon meat the night before a match and simply allows you to open a pot and the boosted meat is ready for use!
Bag `em Tuffits - pre-prepared sinking carp pellets
On those days when you quickly want a hookbait that needs no preparation, Bag 'em Tuffits are ready to use straight from the tub. Tuffits are a tough pre-prepared expander pellet, available in either 6mm or 10mm sizes. They are perfect for waggler, feeder or shallow fishing when slapping the rig or lifting and dropping is required.
Bag `em Moist Feeder Pellets - 2mm size, various flavours
These Bag 'em 2mm Moist Feeder Pellets can be used straight from the bag with no preparation required. Moist feed pellets are excellent at attracting species of all shapes and sizes and are ideally suited to all types of fishing where regular cupping in or kidder potting is the tactic to catch well. They can also be used as a feed to wrap around a method feeder, and when used like this the results can be amazing!
Garbolino G-System Margin Carp Power Specimen Pole - NEW!
This Garbolino G-System Margin Carp Power Specimen is an amazingly strong slimline margin pole which is sure to find favour with commercial carp anglers who love margin fishing! Seriously strong and powerful and can be used with the heaviest of elastics, big hooks and heavy lines! The pole comes with 2 extensions which extend it to a maximum of 4,85m.
Cost: £2.99
More information
Cost: £3.49
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £59.99
RRP: £69.99
More information

Bait Tech Super Method Mix, 1kg bags, either natural colour or red
The ultimate all-round method mix has arrived. Full of nothing but natural ingredients, this proven fish catcher boasts nothing but quality. Super high in value with all the attraction in a top class bait, the Bait Tech Super Method Mix has been developed using a fascinating blend of sweet herbs and spices that carp and other fish adore. Available in natural colour or red.
Old Ghost Mussel Liquid Attractant, 550g
This Old Ghost Liquid Attractant is highly concentrated and a very effective additive to boost the attraction of all manner of baits. Perfect for adding to groundbait mixes & stick mixes while equally effective for soaking other baits in, like meat and corn. A great way to boost your expander pellets is to add a generous amount to your water before pumping.
Marukyu Credence Artificial Corn
Credence Corn is a fully biodegradable alternative to plastic baits. It utilises Marukyu’s hybrid technology - with all the performance advantages of Japan’s latest amino acid expertise and the added bonus of a tougher better performing hookbait. Credence Corn is 100% biodegradable and packed full of amino acids and scent attraction. Virtually indestructible - better than sweet corn itself!
Drennan Acolyte Plus 13ft & 14ft Float Rods - NEW for 2014!
The new Drennan Acolyte Plus rods are stepped-up versions of the existing Acolyte Ultra rods, and designed to Alan Scotthorne's exacting requirements. Both still fea­ture super-slim blanks but pack extra strength to punch out larger floats and con­trol quality fish like carp, tench and chub easier. They are per­fectly matched with reel lines from 4lb to 6lb+ and hook­lengths from 3lb to 5lb.
Cost: £2.99
More information
Cost: £9.99
More information
Cost: £5.99
More information
From: £179.00
More information

Rive Seat Box Add-On Tray Unit, with pink & green winders, Code 62.51.17
This Rive Seatbox Add-On Tray Unit comes complete with one 30mm tray together with 16 green winders and 10 pink winders. The product code is 62.51.17
SONU Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets
Barbel and carp have a very acute sense of smell and taste; they spend a lot of time in murky or flooded water searching for food. The SONU Oozing Pellets are designed to help the barbel or carp find these baits in the worst of conditions due to their intense flavour and colour combinations. During manufacture, these Oozing Pellets are made with high levels of soluble ingredients, including flavours and colours.
SONU Oozing Pop-Ups - NEW for 2014!
A totally new concept in pop-ups. During manufacture, SONU Oozing Pop Ups are made with very high levels of highly water soluble ingredients including flavours and colours. As a result, once they are in water they begin to leak off their attractants and you can actually see the colour and flavour oozing out of the pop up into the water column.
Old Ghost Match Paste - Strawberry, Snail Carp, Margin or Krill
Paste fishing is the number 1 method in China and one that 90 million anglers use to great effect. Taking this knowledge and introducing it into the UK range of paste, Old Ghost believe quite simply that they have the best paste range. The match paste range features perfectly textured pastes that when mixed 50:50 with water create pastes that are perfect for hooking.
Cost: £76.99
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £5.99
More information
From: £2.99
More information

Old Ghost Protein Binder
Protein Binder - Natural 70% protein used as a binding agent for Paste, Groundbait and Spod mixes.

Old Ghost Krill Meal
Krill - Natural Krill Meal. Add to Paste, Groundbait and Stick Mixes for great results.

Old Ghost Silkworm Chrysalis Meal
Silkworm Chrysalis - Natural Silkworm Chrysalis Meal. Add to Paste, Groundbait and Stick Mixes for great results.

Old Ghost Maggot Meal
Natural Maggot Meal. Add to Paste, Groundbait and Stick Mixes for great results.

Cost: £4.99
More information
Cost: £5.99
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £5.99
More information

Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut 15mm Boilies - latest product!
Harnessing the devastating attractiveness of a Tiger Nut, this bait contains large amounts of Dynamite's highest quality tiger nut flour, which contains naturally occurring amino acids such as Lysine as well as essential vitamins & minerals. They then add their unique & exclusive Vanilla based feed inducing palatant to the flour creating a very sweet, creamy and nutty lingering taste profile.
GURU 4in Bayonet Hair Rigs - NEW!
These ready rigs feature Guru's tiny Bait Bayonets tied to the hair. The bayonets are twisted metal spikes that allow the attachment of even quite hard baits like boilies and artificial baits to be achieved very quickly. They provide a secure attachment, allowing long, forceful casts to be made, safe in the knowledge that the bait will stay on.
Maver Chicken & Egg Method Feeders and Moulds - NEW for 2014!
These new Maver method feeders and moulds are of a high quality and offer innovative design features. They produce a perfectly loaded method feeder every time and are available in two sizes as well as in different weights. Choose from two types of feeder - elasticated or in-line.
Fox Supa Brolly Compact - NEW for 2014!
New for Spring 2014 is this upgraded and more compact version of the multi-award winning and top-selling Fox Supa Brolly. The Supa Brolly Compact is the result of numerous requests from anglers that love the Supa Brolly design but require a smaller shelter for tighter swims. It features a smaller 50ins (127cm) frame compared to the 60ins (152cm) frame of the original Supa Brolly.
Cost: £9.99
More information
Cost: £2.50
More information
From: £2.25
More information
Cost: £179.95
RRP: £199.99
More information

Dynamite Baits Carp Bucket, 10 litres
As an addition to their wide range of Specimen Carp baits, Dynamite Baits are now offering a 10 litre green Carp Bucket with a separate insert for PVA mesh and baiting tools etc. Perfect for stalking, with a strong construction and air tight lid.
ESP Bucket Hat - NEW for 2014!
A new design based on the original that became a bit of a cult classic. Comfy fit with a nice wide brim with continuous ESP logo trim around the edge - and in the perfect shade of olive green. Essential headwear for the Summer!
Drennan Baitwaiter, choice of colours inc. NEW Grey!
The Drennan Baitwaiter is available in green, blue, black and now in a new grey colour. It is light in weight and designed to take three Drennan 2.2 or 3.3 pint Maggiboxes, as well as the latest Aqua Pellet Boxes.
Drennan Aqua Coloured Pellet Bait Boxes - 2.2 or 3.3 pints, NEW!
These NEW 2.2 pint and 3.3 pint bait tubs are available in Drennan's latest rather fetching aqua colour. They come with a solid 'bait seal' lid that makes them ideal for storing pellets and other particle baits.
Cost: £8.99
More information
Cost: £6.95
More information
Cost: £7.99
More information
From: £1.95
More information

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