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We've introduced this page so that customers can see when we've added any new products to the website.


Whether it's a newly released item from the manufacturer, or a clearance item that we think you'd want to know about, we'll add it to this Hot New Products page for a while, as well as including it in the appropriate section of the site.


It's certainly worth taking a regular look at what's on offer here - we're sure you'll find something of interest sooner or later!


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Korum Dura Beads
Just like a Quick Change Bead, but with metal reinforcement
Added security when fishing a Quick Change setup
Purpose moulded from a durable hard rubber
Metal clips with a breaking strain of 35lb
Available in standard, anti tangle and bolt rig varieties.
Korum Mini Grub Feeders
After the huge success of the original Grub Feeder, we've introduced a smaller version to the range. These easy-to-use feeders make maggot fishing simple, quick and extremely effective.
Korum River Feeder
Korum River feeders are designed to sit low on the river bed, the River Feeder was designed to allow angler's to use less lead on their feeders, making your tackle bag lighter!
FOX Supa Brolly System Compact
In addition to the new open-fronted Supa Brolly Compact, FOX have now launched this all-singing all dancing new Compact System. Boasting all of the same great features as the standard Supa Brolly System, this 50 inch version also benefits from two mozzy mesh panels at the rear for far greater air-flow during the warmer months.
Cost: £2.50
More information
Cost: £1.99
More information
From: £2.25
More information
Cost: £289.99
RRP: £299.99
More information

Preston Innovations Jigger Float Kit - 2 sizes available!
These new Preston Jigger floats offer the ultimate presentation when shallow fishing. They have an adjustable depth range and yet give positive bite registration. Simple and effective, these floats offer no resistance to the fish. Two sizes available.
Korum Folding Triangle Landing Nets
These unique Korum Folding Triangle nets are much easier to put together than traditional triangle nets. Simply screw them on to a suitable landing net handle and you are ready to fish. They pack down extremely easily into a dedicated sleeve for improved transportation.
Drennan Acolyte Carp Pole - choice of lengths from 13m to 16m
The eagerly awaited Drennan Acolyte Carp is here! Purpose built for carp and com­mer­cial fish­eries, this state-of-the-art pole has been designed in con­junc­tion with five times World Champion, Alan Scotthorne. Although this is a dif­ferent animal to the standard Acolyte pole, it is still built on the same high-spec man­drel, which ensures it is still impress­ively slim with all of the advant­ages that offers.
Stonfo Pole Float Sleeves, mixed sizes
This is top quality pole float sleeving from Stonfo. The clear plastic box has five divisions and contains a good variety of sizes in generous quantities. This mix covers most pole float stem sizes including wire, carbon, and cane.
Cost: £3.99
More information
From: £14.99
More information
From: £79.00
More information
Cost: £2.50
More information

Drennan Acolyte Carp Waggler Rods - 11ft or 12ft
These are exquisite two-piece wag­gler rods that are pur­pose designed for today’s modern com­mer­cial fisheries! Available in a choice of either 11ft or 12 ft lengths, both are of two-piece con­struc­tion which means that they can be left made up in a Rod Sleeve and con­veni­ently assembled or packed away in seconds.
Korum Barbel Rods - NEW!
The rods in the new Korum barbel range reflect the knowledge the company has gained over many years from their core team of consultants. They understand the need for a powerful action, without losing the tip sensitivity required for playing fish and detecting bites. There are now 5 rods in this range.
Daiwa Rain Suit, Red or Black
Designed in Japan and influenced by the functions and requirements of other outdoor sport activities, this Rain Suit sets a high standard in the clothing department for anglers. Using Rainmax 2 ply fabric, these garments are waterproof and breathable and are supplied as a jacket and bib n brace (black). Ultra light design and supplied with vented stash bag.
Matrix Super Box Transporter
This Matrix Transporter is designed to transport the Superbox 1. It has a single wheel assembly with drop down handles and pneumatic tyre for easy pushing. It also takes a Matrix groundbait bucket plus luggage and breaks down easily for compact storage in your car.
From: £149.00
More information
Cost: £47.50
RRP: £49.99
More information
Cost: £199.00
RRP: £225.00
More information
Cost: £119.99
RRP: £139.99
More information

Matrix 3D Folding Pole Support - NEW!
The Matrix 3D Folding Pole Support fits 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs and is EVA covered for pole protection. It does, of course, fold for easy transportation and storage. All Matrix 3D accessories come with 25mm and 30mm inserts, enabling them to be used on 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs.
FOX Edges Multi Tool - NEW!
This is a clever little tool that carp anglers will find invaluable. It features four different tools at either end of a cross shape. These include a stripper, a knot hook, a small D-Rig spike and a larger loop knot spike.
FOX Edges Deluxe Needle Set
This excellent, new Fox Needle Set includes the following five tools: stix & stringer needle, fine needle, heavy needle, gated needle and a splicing needle. The four shorter needles each has a different coloured handle for ease of identification, as well as a small hole to allow for the attachment of a cord or lanyard.
FOX EOS 5000 Specialist Reel
These eye-catching new Fox EOS reels have proved incredibly popular, and indeed reliable, since their launch earlier in 2013. The reel is perfect for the specialist angler that targets a host of species.
Cost: £54.99
RRP: £59.99
More information
Cost: £4.99
More information
Cost: £11.99
More information
Cost: £54.99
RRP: £59.99
More information

Mark Pollard Pole Floats
This initial launch of new Mark Pollard pole floats is aimed at silver-fish fishing and F1s. We are stocking the MP1, MP4 and MP5 versions. The MP1 is a classic roach float, suitable for canals & drains and great for squatt/punch work. The MP4 is a slim pattern with carbon stem and fine hollow bristle, the ultimate F1 float. The MP5 is a slim pencil float with a long bristle, designed to combat surface skim.
Sensas 760 Seatbox
This is the professionals' seat box; it has all the attributes today's angler needs and, what's more, it looks sensational with its new Sensas livery. The box also has the 'unique' accessory support legs situated at the rear of the box so your important accessories can be attached exactly where you want them and at exactly the right height.
Marukyu Skrill -Squid & Krill- Pellets - 2mm, 4mm, 6mm & 8mm sizes
Manufactured to exacting standards, Marukyu SKRILL (Squid & Krill) Pellets incorporate the attraction of squid, Antarctic krill, natural sweeteners and proprietary attractants - to deliver a premium bait that fish love to eat! SKRILL (Squid & Krill) Pellets have a uniform size, uniform sink rate and are irresistible to fish - what more could you ask for?
Maver Easy Flow Elastic Puller
The Maver 'Easy Flow' Elastic Puller is a fantastic innovation enabling the angler to land hard fighting fish more efficiently than on a standard elastic set up. With the 'Easy Flow' elastic puller, you can use lighter elastics, but easily tighten it for netting if you hook a bonus fish, which means there is no need to net big fish on top 4s or 5s, etc.
Cost: £1.99
More information
Cost: £440.00
RRP: £449.00
More information
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £3.25
More information

Rive Seatbox Shoulder Strap
This high quality, padded Rive shoulder strap has four clip fasteners for securing it to your seatbox.
Rive Tray Organiser Sets - 30mm or 60mm depth
These Rive tray organiser sets are colour coded and fit perfectly into either a 30mm (yellow) or 60mm (pink) tray.
Rive D36 ST HSP Open White Seatbox
The Rive ST Pack seatbox is the flagship model in the range. Used by the biggest and best names in the sport, they feature the superb Open Leg System, allowing legs to be changed in an instant without compromising stability or durability. This new box has been improved for 2014, with features such as a special anti-slip surface on the footplate, and it's built on the ultra-stable HSP system.
Stonfo Bait Holders, available in 2 sizes
Stonfo soft rubber bait holders, available in two sizes - 18mm or 30mm. 24 pieces per bag with inserter.
Cost: £24.99
More information
From: £22.99
More information
Cost: £1099.00
More information
Cost: £1.50
More information

Preston Innovations Pole Roller Drilla Kit
Preston Innovations have now introduced the ROLLER DRILLA KIT for those who wish to customise their own pole sections. The Roller Drilla Kit contains the right size tools to allow the easy installation of the Roller Pulla Kit into any reinforced top kit.
FOX Edges Slik Lead Clips + Pegs, size 10, khaki colour
Fox Edges Slik Lead Clips are a scaled down and refined version of their Lead Clip, designed for a delicate presentation. Still featuring the T-bar design, it securely fixes the size 10 swivel inside the clip. The back of the clip has no serrations, ensuring the tail rubber will slip off with ease, safely ejecting the lead. Khaki colour, 10 per packet.
Greys Distance Spod Plus 12ft 6in Rod
It's a testament to their design just how well the original Greys Spod and Marker rods have stood up to the test of time. For their successors, Greys have taken nothing away but improved the composite materials where needed - to ensure that these new rods outperform anything on the market. 12ft 6in in length; 2-piece construction.
Matrix Snag-Free Pole Roost, Complete
The Matrix Snag-Free Pole Roost is an excellent pole roost for your spare top kits. It comes complete with 7 tulip pole rests and Snag-Free fittings at each end.
Cost: £3.99
More information
Cost: £2.99
More information
Cost: £109.00
RRP: £129.00
More information
Cost: £19.99
RRP: £22.99
More information

Wychwood Air Dry Bags, for drying out boilies
These Wychwood bags are good quality, well made airdry bags, perfect for drying out boilies. Available in two different sizes - either Standard or Large.
Matrix Large Feeder Rest - NEW!
This new large Matrix Feeder Rest is a modern design rod rest head. It offers infinite rod positioning for feeder fishing and has a protective EVA foam coating.
Drennan Loafer Floats
These Drennan Loafers are one of the most popular and versatile floats available in blow moulded plastic - they are light, buoyant and extremely tough. Being clear, they are unobtrusive and are used on rivers and lakes for everything from trotting bread, maggot, etc through to fishing small fish baits for perch.
Middy Pole Hook with Top Notch Fitting - buy a pair & save!
This clever Middy pole hook can be set up to work with your pole either under or over the rest, with the pole hook position changeable at the push of a button. Order a pair of these pole hooks from the drop-down menu and get a discount!
From: £5.99
More information
Cost: £10.99
More information
Cost: £1.50
More information
From: £4.50
More information

Dave Harrell Silicone Rubber - various sizes
All the wall thicknesses of this Dave Harrell tubing are 0.5mm, which is the best you can get for float fishing and it is available in a wide variety of diameters. From 0.5mm up to 2mm it’s in 1 metre lengths and these diameters are perfect for pole floats and running line float base rubbers. There’s also a mixed pack available.
Dave Harrell No2 Bolo Floats
This Dave Harrell range of floats feature the same thickness hollow bristles as the No1 Bolo but the body shape makes them a better choice where there is more flow, as it is easier to control and hold back. To choose the correct size, use 1g of capacity for every two to three feet of water. Four sizes available - from 3g to 6g.
Dave Harrell Alloy Stem Avon Floats
These Dave Harrell floats are designed for fishing with a bulk rig around two to three feet from the hook and one or two droppers, either No4 or No6 shot, below. The tip diameter of this float is critical and you will notice that the diameters get progressively thicker as the floats get bigger. Available in four sizes, from 2g to 10g.
Dave Harrell Lignum Stem Shouldered Top Stick Floats
Dave Harrell has improved on the previous design for this range of stick floats. If you need a fairly sensitive float tip but also need to fish a fair way out these lignum base floats offer everything you need. They’re designed for use in medium flowing water in depths up to around sixteen feet. Available in 6 sizes, from 4 No4 through to 14 No4.
Cost: £1.99
More information
Cost: £2.40
More information
Cost: £1.90
More information
Cost: £1.95
More information

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