Bulk Boilies at a great price
  • Fishery Boilies at £3.95 a KG

Quality Boilies - Mix and Match Minimum 5 Bags - Fom £3.95 a KG

Some of the best boilies around with a great discount when you buy them in bulk! Fishery Boilies - £3.95 a KG , Dynamite Baits: Complex-T, The Source, The Crave, Monster Tigernut, Red-Amo. YOU NEED TO ADD 5 BAGS TO YOUR BASKET TO CHECK OUT. You can mix and match Boilies

OptionRRPOur PriceQuantity
Complex T 15mm 5kg -DY1088£54.99£33.75
Complex T 18mm 5kg -DY1089£54.99£33.75
Complex T 20mm 5kg -DY1090£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Complex T 15mm 5kg -DY1093£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Complex T 18mm 5kg -DY1094£54.99£33.75
Source 15mm 5kg -DY078£54.99£33.75
Source 18mm 5kg -DY067£54.99£33.75
Source 20mm 5kg -DY079£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Source 15mm 5kg -DY076£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Source 18mm 5kg -DY077£54.99£33.75
Crave 15mm 5kg -DY919£54.99£33.75
Crave 18mm 5kg -DY921£54.99£33.75
Crave 20mm 5kg -DY920£54.99£33.75
Tigernut 15mm 5kg -DY391£54.99£33.75
Tigernut 20mm 5kg -DY392£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Tigernut 15mm 5kg -DY389£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Tigernut 18mm 5kg -DY390£54.99£33.75
Red Amo 15mm 5kg -DY395£54.99£33.75
Red Amo 20mm 5kg -DY396£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Red Amo 15mm 5kg -DY393£54.99£33.75
FREEZER - Red Amo 18mm 5kg -DY394£54.99£33.75
Sweet Fishery Boilies 15mm 5kg£39.50£19.75
Fishmeal Fishery Boilies 15mm 5kg£39.50£19.75

Stock levels not currently live we will fulfil all orders as quickly as possible.

Product Description

All of our Boilies are purchased direct from the manufacturers at the best price available; passing the savings straight to you! We’ve got a range of high quality baits from select manufactures who have a reputation for some of the best baits on the market.



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