Enterprise Tackle Pop Up Sweetcorn

Enterprise Tackle Pop Up Sweetcorn

Artificial sweetcorn is a great change bait when being bothered by small fish - good for critically balancing hook baits when fishing over weed.

ProductOur PriceQuantity
Yellow Pop Up£2.25
Red Pop Up£2.25
Orange Pop Up£2.25
Black Pop Up£2.25
Mega Pop Up Yellow£2.25
Washed-out Yellow Pop-Up ET13WOY£2.25
Washed-out Pink Pop-Up ET13WOP£2.25
Mini Corn Yellow£2.25
Sinking Corn Yellow£2.25
Hairstops Corn£2.25

Product Description

Enterprise Tackle Pop Up Sweetcorn
Pop-up-Sweetcorn is a buoyant rubber imitation grain of corn. It is soft enough to be used on the hook if desired, but is best when used on a hair rig along with real grains of corn, of a corresponding colour. Individual grains vary slightly in buoyancy, to allow a bait to be either critically balanced or popped up, depending upon the size and quantity of grains used.
As a guide, 1 grain will just pop up 2 real grains of corn on a size 10 specimen type hook. Available in 5 colours.

Enterprise Sweetcorn Hairstops

Our buoyant sweetcorn hair stops combine the fish attracting properties of our imitation corn, with the convenience of an easy to use hair stop, eliminating the need for a traditional dumbell type stop. Ideal for use with boilies, pellets, nuts etc, acting as a sight tag to further enhance their attraction, a tactic that many of the country's top carp angler's have adopted. Their buoyancy helps to counterbalance the weight of the hook bait, increasing the chances of a pick up.

Enterprise Mega pop up corn

This buoyant mega corn has been designed to offer maximum flexibility when creating rigs to fool wary fish. The inclusion of a hole into one side enables weight to be added to create a critically balanced or sinking bait. Alternatively it can be filled with paste for added attraction, or used to conceal a hair stop.

Note:- Although the buoyancy of individual grains may vary slightly it will remain the same, even after prolonged use.

Mega version of our popular buoyant imitation sweetcorn, soft enough to use on the hook, or hair rig if desired. Can be used as a slow sinking or critically balanced bait, by adding tungsten putty to the hole. Resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish

Enterprise mini pop up corn

This mini corn can be used on its own or in conjunction with real corn, either hooked direct or mounted on a hair rig. Ideal for most species, particularly fish that may be wary of larger baits. For best results fish over a bed of particles, pellets etc.

As a general guide:­

1 grain pops up a size 18.
2 grains pop up a size 14.
2 grains critically balance a size 12.

Note:- Based on specimen forged hooks, different type hooks will vary in weight. Individual grains may vary in buoyancy.

*Mini Version of our popular buoyant imitation sweetcorn, soft enough to use on the hook, or hair rig if desired.

*Ideal for both match and specialist anglers

*Use to create a popped up, slow sinking, or critically balanced bait

Enterprise sinking corn

Offering an alternative presentation to our popup corn, our sinking imitation corn has been developed to sink like a real grain of corn, mimicking a free offering. Ideal for pressured fish that may be wary of a popped up bait.

Resistant to the unwanted attention from nuisance species including crayfish, and tough enough to withstand casting, the angler is always guaranteed a hook bait.

We recommend hair rigging with a longish hair to give the most natural presentation.


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