CC Moore Hellraisers Dairy Supreme Pop-Ups

CC Moore Hellraisers Dairy Supreme Pop-Ups, 12mm or 14mm

Ultra-high attraction, high visibility hookbaits. Extremely buoyant with a unique, spongy physical structure, enabling them to release powerful food signals and appetite stimulants far more easily than hardened/air-dried pop ups.

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Product Description

These ultra-high attraction, high visibility hookbaits are extremely buoyant and have a unique, spongy physical structure which enables them to release powerful food signals and appetite stimulants far more easily than hardened/air-dried pop ups.

With such a soft, pliable structure, Hellraisers can easily be mounted by piercing or tying them onto a hair, and can be trimmed with a knife or scissors to create a critically balanced bait of unusual shape.

These exclusively produced pop up hookbaits are packed with flavours, esters, essential oils and other outstanding fish attractors to a point where no more can be added without damaging the buoyancy of the hookbait. Renowned fish stimulating products such as N-Butyric Acid, Betaine and CC Moore's outstanding powdered palatants have also been added to the mix to create a ‘new generation’ pop up which will get you a bite when standard hi-viz pop ups would fail.

Containing unprecedented levels of rarely-used active flavour components in each new Hellraiser Pop Up, these phenomenal hookbaits release an irresistible stream of concentrated feeding triggers in all conditions. During the testing period, anglers using them have been blown away by their impact on fish, stating that they have never seen such instant and positive responses from fish when presented with a hookbait.

Dairy Supreme……

Produced in a highly effective washed out pink colour, Dairy Supreme Pop Ups contain a superb blend of rich, buttery and creamy flavours including some from Geoff Kemp's legendary range. These combine to deliver a potent food signal in all water temperatures and are outstanding as a single hookbait, fished over boilie or loose feeds or even as part of a snowman rig.

With the maximum level of powdered dye added, Dairy Supreme Pop Ups are extremely vivid, producing a strong visual signal that matches the level of attraction produced by the liquid and powdered appetite stimulants they contain.


To boost these outstanding pop ups further CC Moore recommend adding a light coating of the matching Booster Liquid before allowing it to soak in. This process can be repeated time and time again to create a pop up hookbait with a truly unparalleled level of attraction.


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