Richworth S-Core Boilies  Pop-Ups & Boilie Dip

Richworth S-Core Boilies and Pop-Ups

After working with one of the worlds leading authorities in Amino Acids, Richworth have developed the S-Core range.

ProductOur PriceQuantity
14mm S Core Boilies£11.99
18mm S Core Boilies£11.99
14mm Airo Pop Ups£5.99

Product Description

For many years bait companies and carp anglers have been using Amino Acids in their baits with some success but because of their make up AA’s are notoriously difficult to get right within a bait and have a very narrow concentration window in which they are effective.

Fish associate AA’s with the presence of food - every organism living or dead animal or vegetable is `leaking` AAs into its immediate environment. For aquatic creatures their respective AAs dissolve directly into the surrounding water. It is these solvated AAs that are ultimately detected by fish so allowing them to home in on a potential meal. Importantly plants and animals have their own unique AA profiles (AA profiles are the resulting `soup` of AAs generated when the parent protein breaks down) - a fact which allows fish to distinguish between these two general food types The research that has been carried out over the past ten years was to find what specific AAs and/or AA profiles would stimulate fish to feed.

Richworth have been working with one of the world`s leading authorities in Amino Acids over the past 18 months to develop his ten years of work into a useable bait that contains the unique mixture of AA’s that remain active over a longer period of time. After hundreds of hours of development and testing the New Richworth S-Core range of bait was born containing the AminoPlex Biostimulant; this is unlike any bait ever made!

They have conducted countless tests in real angling situations from busy day ticket fisheries like the Linear complex to ultra hard syndicate waters and the results are all the same. S-core out fished everything else. They have had some unbelievable results in testing and have watched fish become totally pre-occupied over baited areas long after they have eaten all the bait. This is due to the fact that the AminoPlex is heavier than water so as it releases from the bait it sinks in to the lake bed and the fish just keep digging up the swim.

They have also had independent academic studies conducted at Sparsholt College over a prolonged test period fishing S-Core against other leading baits and in both trials it out fished the competition by almost 3-1. This is very significant because there isn’t an angler alive that wouldn’t want to up his catch rate by that percentage.

Some leading anglers have been involved in the testing of S-Core and although very sceptical at the start have been totally convinced that this bait is very special purely by the fact that their catch rates have increased by so much.

Products available in the S-Core range include:

  • 14mm & 18mm Shelf Life Boilies
  • 14mm Airo pop-ups



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