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Korda Goo Liquids, inc NEW 2021 Flavours

Still catching fish wherever it goes & including new flavours for 2021, which are sure to put plenty of fish on the bank too!

Goo FlavourOur PriceQuantity
Coconut Cream Bait Smoke - KGOO/18£12.99
Vindagoo Supreme KGOO24£12.99
Tutti Frutti Smoke - KGOO01£12.99
Pineapple Power Smoke - KGOO/03£12.99
Pineapple Supreme Bait Smoke - KGOO/04£12.99
Corn Twist Bait Smoke - KGOO/05£12.99
Almond Supreme Bait Smoke - KGOO/09£12.99
Almond Power Smoke - KGOO/11£12.99
Squid Supreme - KGOO15£12.99
Chocolate Candy Smoke - KGOO23£12.99
Bumbleberry Supreme - KGOO25£12.99
Wonderberry Supreme - KGOO26£12.99
Sherbert Smoke - KGOO32£12.99
White Almond Supreme - KGOO33£12.99
White Almond Smoke - KGOO34£12.99
Outrageous Orange Smoke - KGOO35£12.99
Krill Supreme - KGOO36£12.99
Isotonic Supreme - KGOO37£12.99
Pinkberry Smoke - KGOO38£12.99
Bubble Gum Supreme - KGOO39£12.99
Red Energy Supreme - KGOO40£12.99
Outrageous Orange Supreme - KGOO41£12.99
No Name Supreme - KGOO42£14.99
Jungle Juice Supreme - KGOO43£14.99
Moonshine Supreme - KGOO44£14.99

Product Description

The Jungle Juice Goo Supreme is a tropical mix of sweet and sour citrus flavours. A quick smell will give youa strong ,zesty, fresh aroma-reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. The unique citrus blend, subtle colouring,and abundance of essential oils,help to make Jungle Juice Goo an immediate future classic.Jungle Juice Goo Supreme has a very light, subtle hue and won’t change your hook bait colour dramatically, unless they are white-in the same way other Goo can. Being a ‘Supreme’ variant, it has a thinner consistency that allows it to soak into the core of your hookbaits and/or cover your loose feed perfectly. Once in the water they will slowly leak a powerful blend of the Jungle Juice Goo’s sweet, acidic,citrus ingredients and attractants.

A sweet, uplifting, fruity and unbelievably juicy aroma… this is Bubble Gum Supreme Goo! It has a mouth-watering fruity smell that is deceptively potent. Like some of the other super popular Goo(Isotonic and Pineapple)from Kiana, it has a translucent, yellow hue, giving it a subtle colouration that doesn’t dramatically change the appearance of the bait it is added to.

Moonshine Supreme has agrainy, whiskey-style flavour, reminiscent of your favourite tipple from Tennessee, in terms of its look and smell. An old school classic, whiskey flavours have a proven track record for catching carp.Light in colour, and potent in flavour… a quick smell really does hit the back of your throat and takes your breath away, just like a real shot of whiskey.


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Korda Goo


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