Mainline Hookbait Enhancement System - Fishing Bait Flavourings

Mainline Hookbait Enhancement System

Mainline series of glugs and liquids used to enhance hookbaits by soaking them in the liquid or using the liquid when making up your own boilies and pastes.

FlavourOur PriceQuantity
Essential IB£9.99
Aromatic Fish£9.99
Spicy Crab£9.99

Product Description

All of the Hookbait Enhancers include all the required attractors, sweetners and enhancers that will help to boost the attraction level of all hookbaits pellets and even groundbait mixes. Almost anything that you want to use can be `over coated` with these soaks/dips because they are not water based and so will stay on the chosen bait for some time not washing straight off as the bait hits the water.

Supplied in 175ml bottles

Product Video

Danny Fairbrass on Mainline Hookbaits


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