Daiwa Certate Reels - latest 2016 models
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  • Daiwa Certate Reels
  • Daiwa Certate Reels

Daiwa Certate Reels - latest 2016 models

Daiwa's most technically advanced reels ever! The 16 Certate incorporates a raft of ground-breaking features in the 16 available models.

Reel requiredRRPOur Price Quantity
16 Certate 1003, 16CT1003£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2004, 16CT2004£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2004CH, 16CT2004CH£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2500, 16CT2500£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2506, 16CT2506£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2506H, 16CT2506H£410.00£350.00
16 Certate 2508PE, 16CT2508PE£415.00£355.00
16 Certate 2510PE-H, 16CT2510PE-H£415.00£355.00
16 Certate 2510RPE-H, 16CT2510RPE-H£425.00£355.00
16 Certate 3000, 16CT3000£430.00£370.00
16 Certate 3012H, 16CT3012H£430.00£370.00
16 Certate 3012, 16CT3012£430.00£370.00
16 Certate HD 3500H, 16CTHD3500H£460.00£399.00
16 Certate HD 3500SH, 16CTHD3500SH£460.00£399.00
16 Certate HD 4000H, 16CTHD4000H£475.00£410.00
16 Certate HD 4000SH, 16CTHD4000SH£475.00£410.00

Product Description

The first thing you notice when you pick up the 16 Certate is its solid feel. The machined super alloy body and Zaion rotor are incredibly strong yet lightweight. The precision engineering supports the re-vamped high accuracy Digigear II drive and silent oscillation system to produce smoother rotary efficiency and increased cranking power like never before. Combine this with Magsealed and Magsealed Bearings and the 16 Certate is the smoothest, most powerful reel Daiwa has ever released.

Employing Daiwa’s ultimate reel technology – Magsealed, Magsealed Bearings, Magsealed Line Roller, ATD, Zaion, Airbail (one piece construction), Digigear II and an all new Air Rotor, each Certate is individually constructed and made with the highest quality materials available. Designed for the serious angler, the 2016 Certate sets the standard for the ultimate and future in spinning reel technology

The latest collection is also designed to serve across the widest range of lure fishing methods ever. Starting with a shallow spool 1003 for ultra light soft lure and spinning, through various PE friendly versions right up to a quartet of four powerful HD models that all sport the unique Monocoque body.


Strength is everything in a larger reel. A solid base is the most important component for any reel. 16 Certate HD introduces an all-new design… Monocoque Body. The Monocoque body is a symmetrical, one-piece structure that will revolutionize future generations of spinning reel design.

The Certate HD (heavy duty) 3500 and 4000 models were designed for offshore fishing or lure casting from rocky shores to target hard fighting fish. They need to be strong and resilient to the elements. Originally the HD models were extremely popular, introduced more than 10 years ago. Daiwa re-introduces the HD models into the 16 Certate range with a focus on body strength that is delivered through this revolutionary new body design.

The gears of the new Certate HD models are embedded in the one-piece Monocoque body construction. Previously the body and a side cover/plate held the gearing in place. The new design allows the HD models to be more rigid, with a better sealing mechanism, heralding the arrival of the next generation in reel design.

Daiwa Certate 16 Features

  • 10BB (2 Mag Sealed, 5CRBB & 3BB)
  • ATD Drag
  • Aluminium Body (Monocoque on 3500 & 4000 sizes)
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • Twistbuster
  • Digigear II
  • ABS II
  • Silent Oscillation
  • Aluminium Spool
  • Aluminium Machine Cut Handle
  • Soft Touch I/T Shape Handle Knob
  • Real Infinite Stopper
  • Machine Cut Engine Plate




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