Daiwa Fishing Pole - Daiwa Super Half Sections

Daiwa Fishing Pole - Daiwa Super Half Sections

Super Half Section Stiffens and shortens Daiwa poles. Made fro top quality carbon.

OptionOur PriceQuantity
Super No3 HS3A£40.99
Super No4 HS4A£57.99
Super No5 HS5A£67.99
Super Parallel No4 HS4P£67.99

Product Description

As more anglers fish tight to features or with exact lengths of rigs sometimes even with no float the precise length of kits or the complete pole are important aspects of modern pole fishing.

For this reason our engineers developed the abbreviated Super Sections patented pending.

Available as a 3rd 4th and 5th section owners of all `long section` configured Daiwa poles can employ their choice of Super Section to suit their requirements.


Super 3 fits Daiwa SPP SCP EA WHP TTP CRP MWP TNP210 TNP410 CNP510 MWP811 CPP TDRP

Super 4 fits Daiwa SPP SCP EA WHP TTP CRP MWP TNP210 TNP410 CNP510 MWP811 CPP TDRP

Super 5 fits Daiwa SPP EA WHP TNP210 TNP410 CNP510 MWP811 CPP MWP TDRP

An added benefit of this design marvel is the amazing transformation of the poles performance Balance action and responsiveness are all enhanced; a major asset for fishing at the longer lengths especially when a Super EXT is employed. And when your shipping down to a top four or five to land bigger fish the extra robust wall strength allows you to exert more pressure.

Half Parallel no 4 section

This new 0.8m parallel no 4 has been designed to fit between the 4th and 5th sections without having to remove a section so anglers can reach that extra distance required without affecting the performance and balance of the pole as much as it would with a reversible extension. Of course because of its unique parallel design you could add two together if you need to.


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