Daiwa Lock `n` Load Bushes

Daiwa Lock `n` Load Bushes

Daiwa Lock `n` Load Bushes £6.99

Product Description

Three diameters of bush are available all of which we strongly recommend are used in conjunction with the corresponding colour hydrolastic. This innovative pole bush is designed to increase catch rates and shorten fish playing times by up to 70%. Designed for all types of powerful elastics between 8 and 16 where diameter allows. During the strike the elastic will semi lock ensuring positive hooking. When suitably lubricated the elastic will perform better. When the fish runs the elastic will exit the tip as normal. If it runs at right angles or back against the tip increased resistance will be experienced. This you can use to your advantage by preventing the fish gaining momentum. To slow down the exiting elastic create an angle between the tip and elastic towards 90 degrees. By doing this the rotating ball will turn towards the direction of the elastic increasing resistance internally. The greater the angle the greater the level of pressure you can load on the fish. Lock n Load it does exactly what it says.   LIMITED SIZES AVAILABLE


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