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Daiwa Quiver Tips

A selection of quiver tips to fit across the Daiwa feeder rod range. Please refer to the Compatibility Chart to check for suitability. Yank N Bank & D Carp Feeder tips are listed on a separate page.

Quiver Tip requiredRRPOur Price Quantity
Fibreglass 0.5oz , QT-US-AU£15.99£14.50
Fibreglass 0.75oz , QT-S-AU£15.99£14.50
Fibreglass 1oz , QT-FTFB-AU£15.99£14.50
Fibreglass 1.5oz , QT-FTM-AU£15.99£14.50
Fibreglass 2oz , QT-FTH2-AU£15.99£14.50
MEGATOP 0.75oz, MTQ0.75oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP 1oz, MTQ1oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP 1.5oz, MTQ1.5oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP 2oz, MTQ2oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP BG 1.5oz, MTQBG1.5oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP BG 2oz, MTQBG2oz-AU£39.99£35.99
MEGATOP BG 3oz, MTQBG3oz-AU£39.99£35.99
Carbon 0.75oz, CQ0.75oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon 1oz, CQ1oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon 1.5oz, CQ1.5oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon 2oz, CQ2oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon BG 1.5oz, CQBG1.5oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon BG 2oz, CQBG2oz-AU£24.99£24.50
Carbon BG 3oz, CQBG3oz-AU£24.99£24.50
TN Distance 1.5oz TNDF1.5oz-AU£26.99£24.99
TN Distance 2oz, TNDF2oz-AU£26.99£24.99
TN Distance 3oz, TNDF3oz-AU£26.99£24.99
TN Distance 5oz, TNDF5oz-AU£26.99£24.99

Product Description

A selection of quiver tips to fit across the Daiwa feeder rod range.

Please refer to the Compatibility Chart (see above) to ensure that any particular quiver tip will fit your rod. If in doubt, please contact us at the shop for further advice.

Yank N Bank and D Carp Feeder quiver tips are listed on a separate page of the website - please see the link (below) under 'Related Products'.

Model No Description Material Colour Quiver Rating (oz)
QT-US-AU Fibreglass Quiver 0.5oz Fibreglass Orange 0.5
QT-S-AU Fibreglass Quiver 0.75oz Fibreglass White 0.75
QT-FTFB-AU Fibreglass Quiver 1oz Fibreglass Red/White 1
QT-FTM-AU Fibreglass Quiver 1.5oz Fibreglass Yellow/White 1.5
QT-FTH2-AU Fibreglass Quiver 2oz Fibreglass Red 2
MTQ0.75oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver 0.75oz Megatop White 0.75
MTQ1oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver 1oz Megatop Orange 1
MTQ1.5oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver 1.5oz Megatop Yellow 1.5
MTQ2oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver 2oz Megatop Red 2
MTQBG1.5oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver BG 1.5oz Megatop Yellow 1.5
MTQBG2oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver BG 2oz Megatop Red 2
MTQBG3oz-AU MEGATOP Quiver BG 3oz Megatop Green 3
CQ0.75oz-AU Carbon Quiver 0.75oz Carbon White 0.75
CQ1oz-AU Carbon Quiver 1oz Carbon Orange 1
CQ1.5oz-AU Carbon Quiver 1.5oz Carbon Yellow 1.5
CQ2oz-AU Carbon Quiver 2oz Carbon Red 2
CQBG1.5oz-AU Carbon Quiver BG 1.5oz Carbon Yellow 1.5
CQBG2oz-AU Carbon Quiver BG 2oz Carbon Red 2
CQBG3oz-AU Carbon Quiver BG 3oz Carbon Green 3
TNDF1.5oz-AU TN Distance Feeder 1.5oz Carbon Orange 1.5
TNDF2oz-AU TN Distance Feeder 2oz Carbon White 2
TNDF3oz-AU TN Distance Feeder 3oz Carbon Yellow 3
TNDF5oz-AU TN Distance Feeder 5oz Carbon Red 5



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