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Drennan Polemaster Pure PTFE Super Slip Internal, External and Bull Nose Bushes

Three types are available - Internal (in 8 different sizes), External and Bull Nose (in 7 sizes).

DescriptionPart CodeStockPriceQTY
Bull Nose No.1TOBB001Out of Stock£3.85
Bullnose No 1TOBB001(7)Out of Stock£3.85
Bullnose No 1TOBB007(8)Out of Stock£3.85
Internal No.1TOBI001Out of Stock£3.55
Internal No.2TOBI002Out of Stock£3.55
Bullnose No 2TOBB002(9)Out of Stock£3.85
Bull Nose No.2TOBB002(2)Out of Stock£3.85
Bull Nose No.3TOBB003(3)Out of Stock£3.85
Bullnose No 3TOBB003(10)Out of Stock£3.85
Bull Nose No.4TOBB004(4)Out of Stock£3.85
Internal No.4TOBI004Out of Stock£3.55
Internal No.5TOBI005Out of Stock£3.55
Bull Nose No.5TOBB005(5)Out of Stock£3.85
Bullnose No 5TOBB004(11)Out of Stock£3.85
Internal No.6TOBI006Out of Stock£3.55
Bullnose No 7TOBB005(12)Out of Stock£3.85
Bull Nose No.7TOBB007(6)Out of Stock£3.85

Product Description


These Drennan PTFE internal pole bushes are much longer than most other pole bushes and ensure perfect contact between the bush and the elastic.
To fit, the pole tip should be cut back in small stages until a perfect push fit is obtained.

They are available in 8 sizes

  • No1 dia. - int. 1.2mm - ex. to fit in pole 1.8mm
  • No2 dia. - int. 1.4mm - ex. to fit in pole 2.0mm
  • No3 dia. - int. 1.6mm - ex. to fit in pole 2.2mm
  • No4 dia. - int. 1.8mm - ex. to fit in pole 2.4mm
  • No5 dia. - int. 2.0mm - ex. to fit in pole 2.6mm
  • No6 dia. - int. 2.2mm - ex. to fit in pole 2.8mm
  • No7 dia. - int. 2.4mm - ex. to fit in pole 3.0mm
  • No8 dia. - int. 2.7mm - ex. to fit in pole 3.3mm

2 bushes per pack.

EXTERNAL Bushes(NOW DISCONTINUED - only available in certain sizes as final stocks are cleared)

  • No. 5 dia. - int. 2.3mm - ex. to fit in pole 3.0mm

2 bushes per pack.


Drennan bullnose pole bushes are universal and can fit any pole.

100% Pure PTFE Super slip bushes.
To fit, cut pole section back in small stages, removing any sharp edges until a tight push fit is obtained.

  • No 2 - int dia, 1.4mm - ext dia, 2.0mm
  • No 3 - int dia, 1.7mm - ext dia, 2.3mm
  • No 4 - int dia, 2.0mm - ext dia, 2.7mm
  • No 5 - int dia, 2.3mm - ext dia, 3.0mm
  • No 6 - int dia, 2.5mm - ext dia, 3.4mm
  • No 7 - int dia, 2.8mm - ext dia, 3.8mm


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