Drennan Series 7 Pole & Accessories
  • Drennan Series 7 Pole & Accessories
  • Drennan Series 7 Pole & Accessories
  • Drennan Series 7 Pole & Accessories

Drennan Series 7 13m and 14.5m Pole & Spare Sections

Equally at home catching big weights of carp or amassing a net of sil­ver­fish. Ample strength and power in the right places yet well bal­anced and per­fectly fish­able at full length.

Item requiredOur Price Quantity
13.0m Pole Package£649.00
14.5m Pole Package£799.00
Spare Standard Kit£49.00
Spare Double 2 Carp Kit£49.00
Spare Carp Kit£49.00
Spare No 3 Section£55.00
Spare Ghost Carp Kit£49.00
Spare Double 2 Ghost Carp Kit£49.00

Product Description

The Drennan Series 7 Pole is equally at home catching big weights of carp or amassing a tidy net of sil­ver­fish. It has ample strength and power in all the right places yet is well balanced and per­fectly fish­able at full length.

It is avail­able as a 13.0 or 14.5 metre option, both with exactly the same com­pre­hensive spares package. This includes a total of four top kits, including the one in the pole, plus a cup­ping kit. You also get two mini exten­sions, five Skid Bungs, two EVA nose cones, 36 Super Slick PTFE bushes, six inter­me­diate PTFE bushes, four Roller Cones, 40 Side Pull Beads, an extractor rod, a Polemaster Pole Pot, two spare cup­ping kit adaptors and a Visi Case.

The pole comes with a Standard Kit, two Carp Kits, spare Ghost Carp Kit and a Double 2 Carp Kit as standard. As with all Drennan poles, how­ever, you can cus­tomise this package to suit your own require­ments and the venues that you fish.

Each top kit is also fitted with Side Pull Slots and comes with a com­plete set of Roller Cone accessories, allowing you to take full advantage of Drennan's ultra-smooth Side Pull System. A stylish Drennan 4–6 Tube Holdall rounds off what is certainly an excel­lent and great value product for the dis­cerning pole angler!

What You Get: 

  • 13.0 or 14.5m pole, including Standard Top 2 Kit
  • 2x Spare Top 2 Carp Kits
  • Spare Double 2 Carp Kit
  • Spare Ghost Carp Kit
  • Top 2 Cupping Kit
  • 60cm Reinforced Extension
  • 64cm Reinforced Extension
  • 4x Roller Cones
  • Extractor Rod
  • 5x Skid Bungs
  • EVA Nose Cone for No3
  • EVA Nose Cone for No4
  • 6 of each of the fol­lowing PTFE Bushes:
    • 3.5mm (1.8mm internal diameter)
    • 3.5mm (2.3mm ID)
    • 4.5mm (1.8mm ID)
    • 4.5mm (3.2mm ID)
    • 5.4mm (1.8mm ID)
    • 5.4mm (4.1mm ID)
    • Intermediate for No2 section
  • 40x Side Pull Beads
  • Polemaster Pole Pot
  • 2x spare Cupping Kit Adaptors
  • Visi Case
  • 4–6 Tube Drennan Holdall

Spares Available:

  • ST (Standard) Kit
  • Carp Top 2 Kit
  • Double 2 Carp Kit
  • No3 Section
  • Extension to 14.5m
  • Ghost Carp kit


Product Video

Drennan Series 7 Pole


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