Drennan Series 7 8.5m Margin Carp Pole  Additional Top 2 Kit & Cupping Kits

Drennan Series 7 8.5m Margin Carp Pole

Strong, light and rigid, this excellent margin pole comes supplied with a spare top 2 kit. Additional spare Top 2`s and cupping kits are also available.

OptionOur Price Quantity
8.5m Margin Pole£129.95
Spare Top 2 Kit£24.95
Cupping Kit£24.95
Cupping Kit and Drennan Cups£34.45

Product Description

Strong, light and rigid this excellent margin pole from Drennan is available in an 8.5 metre version and comes supplied with a spare top 2 kit.

This mega strong pole is ideal for fishing in really snaggy swims or when you just want to get big fish out quick but because of its lightness and affordability is also perfect for a young angler or pole fishing novice who would like to give it a try but doesn't want to spend too much.

The spare kit and the top 2 inside the pole itself are pre bushed, each with one of Drennan's Polemaster Carp Bungee bushes so no need to worry about cutting it down.

A cupping kit is available and is supplied with the Drennan Polemaster Cup adapter ready fitted if you already have the cups but is also available to purchase with the cups as a set if you haven't.

Average weight at 8.5m is 620g.


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