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Made from top quality rig components from ESP`s highly acclaimed catalogue of products, including Raptor G4 and T6 hooks, Sinklink Braid and Hi Performance Swivels.

Rig requiredOur Price Quantity
Size 10 G4 12lb Barbed£2.25
Size 8 G4 12lb Barbed£2.25
Size 6 G4 15lb Barbed£2.25
Size 4 G4 15lb Barbed£2.25
Size 10 G4 12lb Barbless£2.25
Size 8 G4 12lb Barbless£2.25
Size 6 G4 15lb Barbless£2.25
Size 4 G4 15lb Barbless£2.25
Size 10 T6 12lb Barbed£2.25
Size 8 T6 12lb Barbed£2.25
Size 6 T6 15lb Barbed£2.25
Size 4 T6 15lb Barbed£2.25
Size 10 T6 12lb Barbless£2.25
Size 8 T6 12lb Barbless£2.25
Size 6 T6 15lb Barbless£2.25
Size 4 T6 15lb Barbless£2.25

Product Description

Ready tied hook lengths with hair.

Suitable for all specimen fishing including carp and barbel.

Tied using ESP sinklink and ESP Raptor G4 and T6 Barbed and Barbless carp hooks.

The G4 versions of these rigs are ideal for fishing with all manner of bottom baits as they are slightly narrower in the gape of the hook which makes them perfect for river and pond fishing.

The T6 rigs have a wide gape hook making them the more suitable choice for pop up baits or larger hair rigged baits.


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