Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Lures

Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Lures

During testing, the 5 cm Micro Tiddler lures caught fish from areas where other lures no longer produced.

Lure requiredOur PriceQuantity
Hot Olive 5cm NSL624£4.99
Lemon Tiger 5cm NSL625£4.99
Salt N Pepper 5cm NSL626£4.99
Sticklback 5cm NSL627£4.99

Product Description

Tiddler means ‘small fish’ but the small and extremely lively paddle tail moves with a high frequency in the water, which has accounted for some exceptional catches. Whether you fish it with long jerks on a light jighead, or with just small and quick movements, predatory fish react immediately to the shad's presence with an attack.

During the testing phase of the 5 cm (Micro Tiddler) lures, fish were caught from areas where other lures no longer produced. Simply try the Tiddler for yourself - the results are bound to impress you! One tip for fishing the Tiddler: jigging with a jighead is excellent, but also try it with a drop shot Texas or Carolina rig.

8 Micro Tiddler per packet


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