Frenzee Keep Net Rod Rest
  • Frenzee Keep Net Rod Rest

Frenzee Keep Net Rod Rest

This rubber rest fits over the rim of the keepnet to hold the rod securely.

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The net rest is one of a kind. Manufactured in the UK by Frenzee this rubber rest has been designed to simplify fishing. Feeder arms quite often get in the way and more and more people are using keepnets to rest their rods on... the Frenzee Net Rest has been designed with Jaws that lock over the rim of the keepnet and hold securely in place. The rubber compound means the rest will bend as needed and can be places around corners of the net for maximum comfort and rod positioning.

The Net Rest is perfect for the modern commercial-fishery angler. Quick and easy to use the net rest saves time and space giving you all the benefits of a standard feeder arm without any of the hassle. Perfect when fishing a running line with feeder waggler or bomb the net rest enables you to conveniently rest your rod while waiting for a bite or feeding your swim.

Easy to use a simple snaking motion will affix the net rest to the keepnet rim exactly where you want it; the rubber compound will naturally grip tight to give a super-secure and unobtrusive rod rest with no risk of damaging your rod.

When you finish fishing simply and easily peel off the net rest from your keepnet and tuck it away in your tackle box.

The Net Rest will also grip the side of side trays and make great top kit and rod roosts.

Available in Black or Orange


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