Matrix Pole Winder Trays and Winders - Fishing Tackle

Matrix Pole Winder Trays with Winders

Matrix Pole Winder Trays and Winders are single trays each with 14 X 180mm Fox winders with slides on so they do not require anchors.

OptionOur Price Quantity
Single Tray Orange Winders - GAC050£10.99
Single Tray Yellow Winders - GAC051£10.99
2 x Trays Orange Winders - GAC052£17.99
2 x Trays Yellow Winders - GAC053£17.99

Product Description

Winder trays are designed to perfectly fit drawers and the areas under seats in all Fox Match Seat Boxes. Each tray accommodates either 14 x 180mm or 8 x 250mm pole winders and the latter are held in place by special locating teeth.

The trays are also supplied with a template for use when positioning them in the spaces under seats, combined with double-sided Velcro fixing tabs to anchor them securely.

Supplied in packs with one tray or 2 trays complete with 14 x 180mm Matrix Winders in orange or yellow.



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