Clash of The Titans DVD by Preston Innovations

Clash of The Titans DVD by Preston Innovations, TITANSDVD/01

Take two of the world’s best anglers, put them head to head in a match at one of the UK’s top commercial Fisheries and you have the making of an action packed battle to be the winner.

Clash of The Titans DVD by Preston Innovations, TITANSDVD/01 £4.99

Product Description

Take two match fishing legends and set them head to head!

Filmed at Woodlands View

Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp are challenged in a one on one match. The pressure is on as Des struggles to meet Tommy fish for fish.

Tommy's tactic on the method seems to be giving him the edge, but can Des pull off something special with the pole as the method catch rate begins to slow.

As the match progresses both anglers must adapt their tactics to stay ahead.

With Des and Tommy landing big carp, the race to the action-packed weigh in is on.

The DVD captures all the action of a match situation, whilst still delivering top tips and advice from these two champion anglers.

The show is hosted by none other than Nigel Botherway - the voice of talkSports fishing show.

Nigel poses questions to both anglers, prompting them to explain what they're doing each step of the way.

This really is the ideal opportunity to see two of the world's greatest match anglers fight it out in a grudge match to see who comes out on top.

Approx running time 44:38 minutes


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