Preston Innovations Carbonactive Dutch Master Feeder Rods

Preston Innovations Carbonactive Dutch Master Feeder Rods - shorter length models

Forgiving enough to catch soft mouthed bream and skimmers with small hooks, but with enough grunt to cast at distance. At home on rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Rod requiredRRPOur PriceQuantity
12ft 8in 60gr CARBDM/01£219.99£197.99

Product Description

This range of rods has been specifically designed to suit the Dutch market where powerful long casting rods are required. With the Dutch Master range Preston Innovations have combined the power to cast long distances with the fish playing actions needed to avoid hook pulls.
With this in mind, these rods have found favour not only with Dutch anglers but also with UK anglers who need long casting rods.


Dutch Master 12' 8" Feeder60gr (CARBDM/01)

The 12'8" is still capable of casting up to 60yds, whilst retaining a proper fish playing action enabling fish of all sizes to be retrieved from distance with the minimum of fuss. Comes with two push in tips medium and heavy to cope with different levels of tow.

  • Large SIC guides, with large guides on tips for shock leader knots
  • Two push in tips heavy and extra heavy
  • Hook retaining ring and soft touch reel seat


Dutch Master 13' 2" Feeder80gr (CARBDM/10)

This 13'2" Dutch Master Feeder combines a powerful blank, capable of casting a fully loaded feeder up to 70 metres, with a superb fish-playing action. Comes with two push-in tips, medium and heavy, to cope with different levels of tow.






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