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Developed to expand the popular Dutch Master range. Theser rods all feature hollow tips which provide increased power, yet still remain able to detect the drop-back bites associated with this style of fishing.

Rod requiredRRPOur Price Quantity
Dutch Master RIVER rod 12ft 8in, CARBDMR-01BO£199.00£189.00

Product Description

When under tension, the tips on these rods are less bent than with equivalent solid tips. This means that they move less on the bite and reduce the number of hook pulls.

The River Dutch Master rods are available in 3 lengths, with the most powerful 14ft 2in rod capable of 100m plus casts with feeders up to 160g. The rods all have powerful tip-actioned blanks coupled with lightweight triple legged guides and single legged guides on the tips to help improve tip recovery speeds. Preston Innovations have found that this is a major factor in being able to consistently cast long distances accurately. The rods also feature quality cork handles with positive soft touch reel seats and high modulus gloss banks that are equally at home with braid or mono lines.

Dutch Master River 12' 8"

The shortest of the new River range is the 12' 8" rod. It is ideal for distances of up to around 60 metres and with feeders up to 80 grams in weight. It has been thoroughly tested for both bream on big Dutch rivers and barbel on our own River Severn - both tasks which it has handled admirably.

  • WEIGHT: 220 grams
  • GUIDES: 13


Dutch Master River 13' 8"

The 13' 8" rod is designed to be able to cast distances of 80 metres with feeders up to 120 grams. The slim spigoted blank has a fast tip action which makes casting longer distances more efficient, whilst still retaining a good fish playing action and good bite detection.

  • WEIGHT: 320 grams
  • GUIDES: 14


Dutch Master River 14' 2"

This is the most powerful rod in the range. The 14' 2" Dutch Master River is the ultimate casting tool for big rivers and strong currents. It is capable of casting feeders up to 160grams distances well in excess of 100 metres whilst still retaining good fish playing characteristics. It's powerful enough to keep hard fighting fish like barbel away from snags, but still able to cushion any last minute lunges at the net. Thoroughly tested in Holland by our agent and consultant, Arnout van de Stadt, on their big rivers.

  • WEIGHT: 320 grams
  • GUIDES: 14


PLEASE NOTE: Dutch Master River Tip Kits are also now available separately, enabling owners of existing 13' 8" 100g and 14' 2" 160g Dutch Master rods to convert their rods to carry the hollow tips.


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