KORDA Stow Indicator System & Accessories

KORDA Stow Indicator System & Accessories

KORDA Stow Indicator System & Accessories

Korda Stow Indicators allow unparalleled sensitivity when using slack or tight lines. A true step forward in indicator design.

Indicators & AccessoriesOur Price Quantity
Complete Stow Indicator - Blue£19.99
Complete Stow Indicator - Green£19.99
Complete Stow Indicator - Purple£19.99
Complete Stow Indicator - Red£19.99
Complete Stow Indicator - Yellow£19.99
Spare Black Chain - Short£5.99
Spare Black Chain - Long£5.99
Spare 6g Weights x 3£5.99
Spare 8g Weights x 3£5.99
Stowaway Case - 2 Rod£4.99
Stowaway Case - 3 Rod£5.99

Product Description

KORDA Stow Indicator System & Accessories

The Korda Stow Indicators allow unparalleled sensitivity when using slack or tight lines. Korda acquired the rights to the design from Carl Pashley, the originator of the Elstow bobbins, because they thought that the concept truly represented a step forward in indicator design. That’s not to say that the development team, headed up by Damian Clarke, just copied Carl’s originals. In fact, the resulting bobbins have benefitted from a long period of refining, tweaking and remodelling. The specially configured line clip helps transmit ANY line movement into positive indications that help you to understand what’s happening at the rig end and Stows are especially good at picking up line bites.

The bobbins are available as complete ready-to-go systems, or as separate, interchangeable components. This means that the systems can be bought off the peg, or built to personal preference. The Stow system can be used with ALL alarms, and two sizes of extension ensure that they perform as well with larger alarms like Delkims as they do with smaller, Neville-size ones. Both types of chain are supplied with the complete kits. Stows are super versatile also, because they’re incredibly light without added weights, yet they can be loaded up to 12g for range fishing, using the optional Overweights. To help keep the bobbins safe and undamaged, we’ve produced the Stowaway magnetic cases to house the Stows. Not only are they the most sensitive bobbins on the market, the Stows are certainly the coolest also. It’s hard to imagine a better-looking bobbin! We certainly expect them to develop a cult following.

Complete Stow Indicator Systems

Available from us in five colours - green, red, blue, yellow or purple. You get a head with weight, magnetic hockey stick and TWO chains. These kits represent real value for money because they contain everything apart from isotopes, which are available separately.

Spare Black Chains

These are ultra-cult! For the understated look you can buy black chains for your Stows. As with the silver chains, there are TWO sizes available - short or long. The chain with the longer steel extension bar works with the Neville-type alarm and the chain with the shorter extension works with the Delkim-size alarms. We expect these to be hugely popular!

Spare Overweights

Damian Clarke designed these super-slick additional weights for fishing at long range, or with tight lines. Because the length of the Stow bobbin has to stay the same to ensure that they drop away on the bite, Damian had to find a way to add weight without adding length. The Overweights are the result. They slide over the weight that is supplied with the Stow heads. An internal shoulder stops them from sliding up and down the head. Overweights are available in 6 gram or 8 gram versions, in packs of three.

Stowaway Cases

The ultimate in protection for your Stow indictors. These magnetic protective cases have been custom designed to hold your indicators securely. The heads clip into the boxes and the magnetic chain extension attaches to another magnet at the base of the box - ingenious! Korda have produced two-rod and three-rod versions. If you've got Stows, you'll want these cases!


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