Ali Hamidis Carp Fishing Masterclass

Ali Hamidis Carp Fishing Masterclass

A must read for any carp angler, over 330 pages, irrespective of experience.

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With so many methods at an angler’s disposal it’s very difficult for many carp anglers to understand what to use and when to use it. Ali Hamidi’s Carp Fishing Masterclass helps to demonstrate exactly how to get the best from a huge number of methods. Ali himself has extensive experience combating big fish venues but is equally at home cutting his teeth on heavily stocked and pressured day ticket venues. Its this experience that makes the contents of this book so valuable to the reader and will help people of all abilities to convert time on the bank into fish in the net.

This book is focused on outlining the most important processes of carp fishing. It dispels myths about tackle and baits and helps to describe the best way to approach your angling. The detail of knowledge that Ali passes on has to be read, to be, believed. The focus of the book is to help all anglers understand many skill-sets.

Subjects such as:

Watercraft Baiting Up Clipping Up
Essential Kit Boilies Meat
Supermarket Baits Secret Hookbait recipes Maggots
Liquid foods Fish care Lead systems
Rigs for all situations Float fishing Stalking

In fact there’s very little that this book doesn’t cover. It's arguably the most comprehensive carp fishing book you are likely to read and will transform average results into great ones. Ali has made the mistakes and learnt from them, so you don’t have to.


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