Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVD Part 5

Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVD Part 5

This DVD shows for the first time how fish feed with camera close ups! Never have anglers been able to study fish feeding before in their natural surroundings.

Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVD Part 5 £19.99

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Product Description

State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing` shows you, for the first time, how fish feed by putting a camera right in front of their nose! Never before have anglers been able to study the behaviour of their quarry in totally natural surroundings, at such close quarters, in an angling situation... Forget everything you learned and start again!

With out doubt the best and clearest water clarity yet and more cringe worthy action as carp eject even some of the best rigs in the book. A must see!

YOU'VE SEEN THE REST NOW WATCH THE BEST! Korda's continued commitment to giving information to the angler has been pushed to the limit with this the latest instalment in the Underwater Carp Fishing Series. Join Danny and the team as they undertake the mission to catch and film from start to finish an English 30lb carp on the banks of the beautiful Wellington Country Park. Filmed more in the style of a documentary you will be able to watch from the moment the cameras go in. See the frustrations the team have with technical problems then witness the excitement as the crystal clear waters give host to the best footage of big carp feeding ever filmed. The cameras follow Danny as he tries to fool some of the wiliest carp the team have ever filmed and with new technology watch as the 'close up' really does give a fishes eye view of the rig and the carp picking up and getting away with lots of different presentations. Danny says 'Filming part 5 was in parts very frustrating, loosing a really big fish at the start of the film was heart breaking, as trying to catch a 30lb carp in front of the cameras was perhaps a tall order. But with help from the team, we achieve what we set out to do and I think we have delivered a film that anglers of all abilities won't fail to learn more about carp and there behaviour in the swim. The footage in parts is incredible; it's like having an aquarium full of 30lb carp in your living room it will get everyone thinking!'

Part 5 is without doubt a 'must see', sit back and prepare to be taken to the edge of your seat by possibly the best carp fishing film ever made!


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