Hot New Products!

  • Guru F1 Pellet, LWGS & XS Carp Ready Tied Rigs

    Guru F1 Pellet, LWGS & XS Carp Ready Tied Rigs

    Here are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair rig, making them all ideal for baits such as pellets, corn, meat and mini boilies, and each rig is 6 inches long.


  • Guru Punch Set

    Guru Punch Set

    They're same the ultra-sharp, easy-to-use punches we developed for the Punch Box, suitable for bread, meat and boilies.


  • Guru Impact Bombs

    Guru Impact Bombs

    Available in 2/3oz, 1.1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, they're the perfect balance between a feeder and straight lead, depositing an enticing trail of pellets, Goo, groundbait, liquidised meat/bread or paste in your swim


  • Korda Interceptor Surface Floats

    Korda Interceptor Surface Floats

    The ultimate all-round surface controller float, with sizes covering everything from under your feet to long range fishing out in the middle of the lake.


  • Korda Zig Box

    Korda Zig Box

    When you’re fishing zigs, a lot of the time you will have a variety of different lengths and different hookbait colour combinations tied up ready to go, but they can get in a real mess, and this is where the new Zig Box comes into play.


  • Korda Zig Line

    Korda Zig Line

    When it comes to tying up your zig rigs, the new ZIG line is the perfect choice of hook link material and is purpose designed for this type of situation, as well as being great for floater fishing.


  • Korum Barbel Line

    Korum Barbel Line

    The result of extensive testing has resulted in a super strong, durable and beautifully invisible hooklink for big fish fishing.


  • Daiwa Yank N Bank Power Poles

    Daiwa Yank N Bank Power Poles

    Daiwa Yank N Bank name is synonimous with bagging up on high catch rate commercials and the new 13m Power & 9.5m Power Margin models will not disappoint.


  • Korum No Twist Catapults

    Korum No Twist Catapults

    The catapult that never tangles! Utilising our unique PTFE bush system, it means your catapult elastic will not twist up on itself, stopping it tangling around the frame.


  • Kryston Styx Brush On Rig Glue

    Kryston Styx Brush On Rig Glue

    Styx Brush On is premium grade easy-flow super glue. Its Super Low viscosity ensures the liquid will penetrate into the smallest of gaps giving a secure long-lasting bond


  • MAP Side Puller Beads

    MAP Side Puller Beads

    These clever little puller beads offer super value for money. In two sizes, they are pre-drilled to allow elastics to be easily threaded through them and knotted.