Hot New Products!

  • Bag 'Em Pellet Oil

    Bag 'Em Pellet Oil

    A premium quality bait additive, designed to boost pellets even further than before. Also ideal for making those fishery pellets that float, sink with ease.


  • Team Daiwa Bolo Match Rods

    Team Daiwa Bolo Match Rods

    For deeper rivers and distance float control two ‘bolo’ rods at 6m and 7m have been developed. Both feature sliding intermediate guides for enhanced line travel.


  • Team Daiwa Match Rods

    Team Daiwa Match Float and Feeder Rods

    Wild waters and rivers are making a comeback. Fishing conventionally for skimmers or trotting on a river for chub and dace is all on the up. This range of rods serves the purpose beautifully.


  • Matrix Fish Clicker

    Matrix Fish Clicker - GAC347

    A great tool for keeping track of your weight when net limits apply. Can be used hand held or attached onto your keepnet, box accessory or box leg.


  • NuFish Aqualock Side Tray

    NuFish Aqualock Side Tray

    Designed to keep you bait and tackle in tip top condition, protecting it from the elements, the adjustable folding lid will keep the sun and rain out while still giving you easy access in even the most adverse of fishing conditions


  • Guru Method Feeder Clips

    Guru Method Feeder Clips

    When it comes to fishing Method-style feeders it is usually a big advantage to have your hookbait right in amongst your loose feed, and to be able to ensure that it stays there.


  • Guru Pellet Pliers

    Guru Pellet Pliers

    Often in fishing it is the devices that help you to more effectively carry out fairly simple tasks which will make the biggest difference to your catch rate, and that is definitely the case with these Pellet Pliers.


  • Guru Bait Umbrella

    Guru Bait Umbrella

    Perfect for keeping bait and accessories dry on those damp days or keeping bait in great condition and out of the suns rays.


  • Guru Hybrid Feeders

    Guru Hybrid Feeders

    3 NEW SIZES! Just as their name suggests, these are a combination of a method feeder, banjo feeder and a pellet feeder, but with added holes on the bottom and side to help push the bait out.


  • Guru Commercial Cage Feeders

    Guru Commercial Cage Feeders

    The Guru design team have kept the shape and design similar but made huge improvements to the strength and usability. The feeders are almost indestructible, with a weight forward design to boost casting distance and accuracy.


  • Fox Supa Brolly Mk2 60in System Camo

    Fox Supa Brolly Mk2 60in System Camo - CUM185

    The market-leading MK2 Supa Brolly is now available in the exclusive ‘Fox Camo’ pattern. It features the patented protective compression bell cap with rubber gasket seal plus the multiple door options.