Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Korda Ready Tied Short Chod Rigs

    Korda Ready Tied Short Chod Rigs

    Ready-tied chod rigs that are perfection in a packet! Super-convenient and also flawlessly tied. Tied to exacting standards, using the same knots and techniques as used by Danny Fairbrass himself.


  • SonuBaits Pro Thatchers Groundbait

    SonuBaits Pro Thatchers Groundbait

    A high quality range of baits which are designed for commercial fishing. Top quality ingredients and the perfect texture for today's modern commercial fishing.


  • Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder Rods 2021 Models

    Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder Rods 2021 Models

    Daiwa have improved the SLR blank with a hi-tech cocktail of the new torque busting X45X Full Shield and HVF nanoplus. The rods now harness even more casting energy and are able to deliver those big pay loads more accurately at distance.


  • Korum S23 Accessory Chairs

    Korum S23 Accessory Chairs

    Korum's patented vertical leg design now uses a rounded 23mm square leg design to make it easier to use than ever before. Two models available - the Standard chair and a Deluxe version.


  • ESP Camo Polarised Sunglasses

    ESP Camo Polarised Sunglasses

    Featuring polarised lenses which give anglers an instant edge by blocking out reflected glare. They make it possible to see into the water and make spotting fish and underwater features so much easier.


  • Middy Pull-It Side Bush & Beads

    Middy Pull-It Side Bush & Beads

    A 100% PTFE side bush that will just click into the side wall of your top kit after drilling a precise 5mm hole. The Gripper Beads retain your elastic, but can then also be slid-up the elastic to make small adjustments to its tension.


  • Bait-Tech The Juice

    Bait-Tech The Juice

    This Sweet Glug can be used anywhere and on anything. Ideal for glugging pellets & boilies. The Juice Wafters & Pop-Up Dumbells also now available.


  • Fox Edges Arma Mesh

    Fox Edges Arma Mesh

    Perfect material for creating alternative hookbaits that are normally very tricky to present on a hair rig. Ideal for baits such as bread, sweetcorn, paste, prawns, cheese, mini pellets, etc.


  • Kamasan Bayer Perlon Monofilament

    Kamasan Bayer Perlon Monofilament

    A German line that really has stood the test of time. It's been around for generations and has a well earned reputation for reliability. If you're after an all around mono for float, feeder, carp, spinning etc, this is the one! Particularly renowned as a stick float line.


  • Korda Shok Bead

    Korda Shok Bead - KSK

    Designed for a multitude of uses. Its unique shape helps to prevent tangles and the cavity will hold a swivel within it securely. Ideal for running rigs, marker floats or any set up that requires a buffer bead.


  • Korda Ring Swivel Size 8

    Korda Ring Swivel Size 8 - KR8

    These swivels have a multitude of uses, notably when pulled into the Korda standard lead clip. The steel ring helps to eliminate tangles when casting and provides the rig with a hinge for extra movement.


  • Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit

    Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit

    Allows the HeliSafe System to be converted in order to work on Dark Matter or Kamo rig tube, ideal for using helicopter rigs on waters that have a leader ban. Updated from 2018, the tungsten bead has now been replaced with a silicone sleeve combined with the brilliant Korda No Trace Beads.


  • Korda Dark Matter Rig Wide Gape

    Korda Dark Matter Rig Wide Gape

    A favourite of Korda's Neil Spooner and responsible for landing carp of all sizes from a wide variety of waters. These rigs offer great hooking potential and the Dark Matter braid sinks incredibly well. Barbless & barbed options available.


  • Daiwa Prorex X LT Reels

    Daiwa Prorex X LT Reels

    New in to Daiwa's Prorex reel range, the X LT hosts an impressive list of high spec features normally seen on reels of a much higher price bracket! LT Light & Tough Body, Graphite Rotor, & DS5 Body are to name just a few of this reels highlights.


  • Maver Roller Slot - J1180

    Maver Roller Slot - J1180

    This Maver Roller Slot features an integrated PTFE roller for the smooth flow of elastic. The roller wheel is made from PTFE and is firmly held in place with a stainless steel pin.


  • Shakespeare Seat Box - new design

    Shakespeare Seat Box - new design

    Although this latest seat box is based on the famous model that was so popular for many years, this one boasts an 'all new' design that is made from high quality, durable filled-polypropylene.


  • Preston Innovations Hexmesh Plastic Bullet Feeder

    Preston Innovations Hexmesh Plastic Bullet Feeder

    Unlike traditional steel bullet feeders, these have a cleverly designed plastic mesh which offers unrivalled bait presentation. Also unlike traditional metal cage designs, these feeders allow you to use a wider variety of baits.


  • Daiwa N'ZON Rod Holdalls

    Daiwa N'ZON Rod Holdalls

    Available in 2 & 4 rod versions in 180cm or 196cm these holdalls feature a hard back interior, Velcro rod locators & separator do that ready made rods can be securely transported with ease.


  • Daiwa N'Zon Bait Bag

    Daiwa N'Zon Bait Bag NZBB1

    Insulated and foil lined, the 40lt+ capacity is easily accessed via a full length zippered lid. The formed, hard base also maintains shape for ease of placement.