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Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Daiwa Fibreglass Quivertips

    Daiwa Fibreglass Quivertips

    These measure 3.5mm at the base and are designed to fit the older ranges of UK built Daiwa rods, such as the original Tournaments, original Spectrons, Harriers, Connoisseur, Porky Pigs, etc.


  • Korum Mesh Feeders

    Korum Mesh Feeders

    The latest version of these large specimen mesh feeders, with a flat base which holds the bottom better than round feeders.


  • Matrix Over The Top Brolly 115cm - GUM006

    Matrix Over The Top Brolly 115cm - GUM006

    You have probably already guessed from the name, but this 45 inch umbrella has been designed to shield you from above whilst providing a complete 360° clear shipping space making it perfect for pole fishing.


  • ESP Floodlight Head Torch

    ESP Floodlight Head Torch

    Wide angle COB LEDs in red and white offer a soft illumination for rig tying, cooking or even additional lighting for night time catch shots.


  • ESP Spotlight Head Torch

    ESP Spotlight Head Torch

    A small, light and comfortable head torch perfect for rig tying and cooking with either the twin red LEDs or low power white LED.


  • Drennan Crystal Caster Pole Floats

    Drennan Crystal Caster Pole Floats

    Primarily designed for fishing shallow with Caster, Maggots or Pellets, the Crystal Caster is also the perfect choice for fishing tight to far bank cover or commercial Islands.


  • Drennan Aqua Polo Shirt - 2020 Design

    Drennan Aqua Polo Shirt - 2020 Design

    A quality garment which is constructed in the same way as our original polo shirt but with the latest navy & aqua colour scheme and manufactured in a poly-cotton fabric with a button collar.


  • Drennan Black Joggers

    Drennan Black Joggers

    Just as you would expect, these are made from a durable, high quality anti-pill material, the same as our other hoody’s and have been finished in our new black & aqua colour scheme.


  • Drennan Vertex Medium Feeder Rods

    Drennan Vertex Medium Feeder Rods

    Both have the required mellow actions which help play fish softly and so avoiding hook pulls. At the same time these have enough backbone to put the brakes on a chub diving for cover and even small commercial Carp.


  • ESP Bucket Hat

    ESP Bucket Hat

    Available in two sizes, the new reversible ESP Bucket Hats have both a Camo and Olive side.


  • ESP Onyx Spod / Marker Rod

    ESP Onyx Spod / Marker Rod

    Tested over a two year period by runs water specialist and BCAC champion Kev Hewitt who stated ‘this is the best spod rod I’ve ever used’.


  • ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Hooklink

    ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Hooklink

    NEW X-Stiff version now available! The tough, matt camo tungsten coating sinks heavily and strips easily while being resilient to fracturing on knots.


  • ESP Marker Braid

    ESP Marker Braid

    Tough and durable 100% Dyneema, fine 0.22mm diameter, the tightly woven fibres have a smooth, slick feel which greatly enhances distance casting performance and durability.


  • ESP Spod Braid

    ESP Spod Braid

    The high-viz fluoro green colour helps deter gulls when spodding. The fine 0.22mm diameter and tightly woven construction means that extreme distances can be achieved


  • ESP Shock Leader

    ESP Shock Leader

    Tough 100% Dyneema, the bonded weave keeps the diameter to a minimum, producing small leader knots while maintaining a high knot strength of 35lb+.


  • Dynamite Baits Speedy's Washters

    Dynamite Baits Speedy's Washters

    NEW 9mm size in stock! Designed in conjunction with top match ace, Nick Speed, an exciting new range of match fishing mini wafters for all coarse species.