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Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Ringers Pink Washout Wafters

    Ringers Pink Washout Wafters

    These Wafters come in a 6mm size so are relatively small in comparison to other pop-up baits on the market. They are packed with natural oils and flavours making them incredibly attractive to passing carp.


  • Drennan Specialist X-Tension 13ft Compact Float

    Drennan Specialist X-Tension 13ft Compact Float

    A true all-rounder, a superb rod for anything from hard-fighting tench and bream on a summer's day to trotting maggots in the winter for chub. Breaks down into 2 equal lengths to make it easily transportable like a standard 12ft rod.


  • Drennan Vertex Plus Float Rods

    Drennan Vertex Plus Float Rods

    Lightweight and beautifully balanced these stepped-up versions of the standard 13ft and 14ft models provide increased power to handle bigger fish and distance casting.


  • ESP Bomber Jacket

    ESP Bomber Jacket

    A warm insulated casual jacket with a waterproof and breathable shell, perfect for winter angling or daily wear. Available in 7 sizes.


  • Guru Heli Swivels

    Guru Heli Swivels

    Designed to allow a quick change of hooklengths in a matter of seconds, while still offering superb security and strength thanks to a small clip and protective rubber sleeve. Available in 3 sizes.


  • Korum Snapper Loaded Reggiez

    Korum Snapper Loaded Reggiez 7.5cm

    A durable floating crayfish imitation that enables you to fish with the popular finesse 'Ned Rigging' technique really effectively. Much softer than normal lures, yet resists any cuts and tears due to its stretchy compound.


  • Drennan Red Range 8m Margin Pole

    Drennan Red Range 8m Margin Pole

    The Drennan Red Range Margin Carp is a true-length 8m pole, super strong and ideal for battling with big fish at close quarters. Click the image for more info.


  • Preston Innovations Neoprene Gloves

    Preston Innovations Neoprene Gloves

    Warm, comfortable and lightweight, making them a 'must' in cold and wet weather conditions. Easily adjusted with the Velcro wrist adjuster while the thumb, index and middle fingers have a section that folds back.


  • Preston Innovations Towel

    Preston Innovations Towel - P0200229

    An essential item for every angler, perfect for drying your hands, wiping bait from your hands or just as good for cleaning items of tackle at the end of the session.


  • Preston Innovations Celsius Socks

    Preston Innovations Celsius Socks

    Comfortable and warm, these socks are designed to be worn in the coldest conditions. Made from a top quality Merino Wool blend, they offer outstanding breathability as well as unrivalled durability.