Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Drennan Black Silicone Tubing

    Drennan Black Silicone Tubing

    These tubes can be cut to the preferred length to be used as float caps or to help protect swivels, links and knots on all sorts of rigs and tackle setups.


  • Drennan Feederpults

    Drennan Feederpults - 2020 design

    The Feederpult has stood the test of time as one of the very best catapults ever made, and now comes in two models - Soft Elastic (Large Swivel Pouch) and Strong Elastic (X-Large Swivel Pouch).


  • Preston Innovations Caps

    Preston Innovations Caps - 2020 designs

    Three new caps for 2020 which all features a Velcro adjustable strap and a modern look - making these caps extremely stylish and comfortable. Includes a a mesh style cap which is perfect for the warmer weather.


  • Nash Pinpoint Hook Doctor Vice

    Nash Pinpoint Hook Doctor Vice T6208

    Essential for complete precision and control when using the Hook Doctor, this vice securely grips hooks and presents them at the optimum angle for clinical sharpening with the Hook Doctor’s rotating stone.


  • Nash Pinpoint Hook Doctor

    Nash Pinpoint Hook Doctor T6207

    Marking the end of time and labour intensive hook sharpening sessions, the electric Hook Doctor makes precise, effortless hook sharpening the work of just a few seconds.


  • Wychwood Agitator Series 1 Reels

    Wychwood Agitator Series 1 Reels

    A fantastic value for money series PRE LOADED WITH BRAID with features normally seen on more expensive designs. Comes with shallow spools designed to be loaded with none-stretch braids preferred by lure anglers today.


  • Rive D25 Classic Club Seatbox

    Rive D25 Classic Club Seatbox

    Available in a choice of two colours, Aqua or Black, and comes with 4 telescopic legs & 2 fixed legs, a 30mm side drawer and a 30mm aluminium tray.


  • Matrix P25 Mk2 Seatbox

    Matrix P25 Mk2 Seatbox - GMB154

    Featuring a lightweight aluminium H-frame, this seatbox has a new non-scratch sliding footplate locking mechanism. All legs include thread leg caps.


  • Matrix Seatbox Additional Units & Trays

    Matrix Seatbox Additional Units & Trays

    Individual components for the Matrix seatboxes, which enable the user to build a seatbox to his or her own preferences. Includes drawers, trays and winder units, as well as a transport lid and swivel seat.


  • Korum Transition EVA Pouches

    Korum Transition EVA Pouches

    These useful pouches are made to fit perfectly inside the Korum luggage ranges. Can be used for weights, feeders, terminal tackle, line, and any number of accessory items you may want to take to the bank.


  • Daiwa N'ZON Fast Flow Landing Nets

    Daiwa N'ZON Fast Flow Landing Nets

    Featuring a Lightweight Anodised D profile frame, incorporating Daiwa spreader block plus Fine Nano mesh for reduced water absorption. Available in three sizes.