Hot New Products!

  • Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

    Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

    This kit allows the Heli-Safe System to be converted in order to work on Dark Matter or Kamo rig tube, ideal for using helicopter rigs on waters that have a leader ban.


  • SonuBaits Pro Expander Pellets

    SonuBaits Pro Expander Pellets

    Expander pellets that no longer need to be pumped for every pellet to sink! Simply place your required number of pellets into a bait tub, cover with water, and leave overnight.


  • Preston Innovations Absolute Feeder Braid

    Preston Innovations Absolute Feeder Braid

    The ultimate braid reel line for the modern feeder angler! Constructed from an 8 strand PE material, making it incredibly smooth and durable with a really high knot strength.


  • Matrix Bell Feeders

    Matrix Bell Feeders

    These feeders have a unique weight forward design to enhance casting accuracy and a top mounted swivel to reduce tangles. Ideal for feeding large amounts of particles with minimal groundbait.


  • Matrix Slik Hybrid Elastic

    Matrix Slik Hybrid Elastic

    SLIK Elastic is a revolutionary new elastic range offering the perfect hybrid between solid and hollow. It offers all of the advantages of hollow elastic without the possibility of flattening or air bubbles.


  • SonuBaits Barbel Feed Pellets

    SonuBaits Barbel Feed Pellets

    Made using the highest quality fishmeals and rich in Fish oils, these dense pellets will keep their shape, leaking flavour into your swim for longer periods of time


  • Daiwa Compact Match Barrow

    Daiwa Compact Match Barrow - DCMB1

    The dual pneumatic tyres give stability and assist smooth running on this Match Barrow. It has an aluminium construction and is fully collapsible.


  • Sensas Jumbo Accessory Ring

    Sensas Jumbo Accessory Ring

    This accessory block is the new 'Jumbo' version which can be used to replace existing blocks on some sensas accessories if you need them to fit the larger sized round legs.


  • SonuBaits Barbel Hookbaits

    SonuBaits Barbel Hookbaits

    Sonubaits Barbel Hookbaits are packed full of fishmeal, a strong meaty flavour and loads of top quality oils. They will pump out flavours into the water attracting barbel to your hookbait, even in murky flood water or after dark.


  • Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Pellets

    Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Pellets

    Packed with attractants and feed triggers, the fish-friendly low oil content pellets have a consistent body shape and size, and their rich, rounded sweet aroma and flavour will attract big fish under all conditions.


  • SonuBaits Supercrush Barbel Groundbait

    SonuBaits Supercrush Barbel Groundbait

    We’ve combined three things that barbel simply cannot resist into one bag of groundbait to give you the best possible chance of attracting barbel into you swim!


  • SonuBaits Super Feeder Groundbait

    SonuBaits Super Feeder Groundbait

    With the popularity of Feeder fishing increasing, we have designed a groundbait that is extremely easy to mix and offers the angler a traditional groundbait with a modern twist!