Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Preston Innovations Supera Compact 6 Rod Holdalls

    Preston Innovations Supera Compact 6 Rod Holdalls

    Perfect for storing up to 6 rods with reels, with the Hardcase construction keeping them safe during transit. Available in two lengths, 175cm for 3-piece rods or 195cm for 2-piece rods up to 12ft in length.


  • Daiwa 19 N'Zon Plus LT Reels

    Daiwa 19 N'Zon Plus LT Feeder Reels

    Solid with superior durability, these reels are designed for natural and commercial waters. The combination of an aluminium body and Digigear II ensures that they deliver the power with the endurance required for modern feeder fishing.


  • Daiwa Powermesh Twintip Rods

    Daiwa Powermesh Twintip Rods

    These Powermesh Twintip rods come with an Avon Top & Quiver Tip Top Section plus have a Full Cork Handle with Armlock & SEAGUIDE Stainless Frame Guides. They give you scope for sensitive bite detection right the way through to ultra aggressive barbel takes.


  • Daiwa Powermesh Barbel Rods

    Daiwa Powermesh Barbel Rods

    New for 2020 the updated version of the popular Powermesh Barbel Rods which include Full Cork Handle with Armlock, HVF & SEAGUIDE Stainless Frame Guides. Extremely high quality rods that will cope with most barbel fishing situations!


  • Daiwa 19 TDM Reels

    Daiwa 19 TDM Reels

    Brand new TDM Reels for 2020 featuring a lightweight aluminium body, DS4 Rotor, Air Bail plus much more high quality spec as you would expect from a Daiwa reel. Spare spool also included!


  • Guru Fusion Feeder Box & Accessories

    Guru Fusion Feeder Box & Accessories - GFB01

    A bespoke feeder storage and organisation system designed to fulfil all anglers' needs! Different insets can be used to fine tune your storage system for feeders and other accessories. ORDER NOW FOR PRE-CHRISTMAS DELIVERY!


  • Guru X Top Kit Case

    Guru Fusion X-Case - GLG016

    Long awaited! A specific luggage item to store pole top kits. Designed to ensure that these expensive items are kept neat, organised and safe! ORDER NOW FOR PRE-CHRISTMAS DELIVERY!


  • Daiwa N'Zon Feeder Stops

    Daiwa N'Zon Feeder Stops

    Designed for various applications, including feeder and float stops as well as semi fixed feeder and bomb rigs. Available in 4 sizes, with 15 per pack.


  • Swimfeeder Leads, 4 Leg

    Swimfeeder Leads, 4 Leg

    Designed to clip on to swimfeeders. They have a large flat bottom for better holding potential, especially in stronger currents. Five sizes available.


  • Preston Innovations Plummets

    Preston Innovations Plummets

    The large loop makes these plummets extremely easy to use, even when using a hair rigged bait band. Available in two sizes, 20 & 30g.