Hot New Fishing Tackle!

  • Maver QR Double Accessory Arm

    Maver QR Double Accessory Arm 35cm - L1066

    An extremely versatile quick release arm suitable for a wide range of applications and great for doubling up on attachments such as rests, pole socks, etc. Supplied with inserts to fit 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs.


  • Maver Reality Seatbox

    Maver Reality Seatbox - L1000

    An ultra lightweight box that will appeal to all anglers looking for their first seatbox. Well thought out and competitively priced, but packed full of features.


  • Korum Loaded Blobs

    Korum Loaded Blobs - K0310082

    High visibility floats especially designed for fishing in shallow or weedy areas. Preloaded and ready-to-fish, perfect for margin fishing. 3 per pack.


  • Korum Swindicator Kit

    Korum Swindicator Kit - KBI/06

    Ideal for increasing your bite indication when fishing for a whole host of species. Use it with the bankstick clip for the ultimate drop off indicator.


  • Cresta Double Bladed Worm Scissors

    Cresta Double Bladed Worm Scissors

    A high quality tool designed to make quick work of this traditionally messy task. Perfect for speedily chopping up some Dendrobena’s for feeding in with a pole cup, or mixing in with your ground bait.


  • Preston Innovations Float Max Line

    Preston Innovations Float Max Line

    A neutrally buoyant reel line perfect for all float fishing applications from stick float fishing on small rivers through to distance pellet waggler fishing on large waters.


  • Preston Innovations Stopz

    Preston Innovations Stopz

    Handy line Stopz which come supplied on wires and can be easily pulled onto your line to stop loaded wagglers or feeders.


  • Preston Innovations Black Polo Shirt

    Preston Innovations Black Polo Shirt

    Subtle stylish and dark in colour and ideal for pairing with the joggers and shorts in the same range. They feature a smart embroidered brand detailing on the arm and chest.


  • Preston Innovations Black Hoodie

    Preston Innovations Black Hoodie

    Look the business on the bank with this comfy stylish warm pullover jumper top. Featuring a shadow branding across the chest and an eye catching blue and green rubberised logo on the back.


  • Drennan DMS Pellet Strainer

    Drennan DMS Pellet Strainer

    These Pellet Strainers fit perfectly within the three pint Bait Boxes, and are easily removed with the pinch points in the middle and have a durable construction.


  • Drennan DMS Bait System

    Drennan DMS Bait System

    Innovative bait system including two bait waiters, bait boxes, bait tray & pellet strainer. The two clever new bait waiters allow the angler to turn a 3 pint space, into TWO 1 pint spaces!