Hot New Products!

  • Daiwa J Braid X8

    Daiwa J Braid X8

    By using ultra thin materials the J-Braid is super soft and smooth, which you will instantly notice when you feel it.


  • Daiwa 18 TDR Reels

    Daiwa 18 TDR Reels

    The TDR has always been a banchmark for top quality match fishing reels. Over the years they have been used by many top anglers as they have proved reliable and durable.


  • Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo Rods

    Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo Rods

    With the ability to change top sections, these rods become extremely versatile and enable the angler to use them for multiple uses. Available in 11' & 12' and two different test curves.


  • Drennan Aqua Disgorger

    Drennan Aqua Disgorger

    A disgorger helps to safely and efficiently unhook fish and is an essential item that every angler should carry.


  • Drennan Pole Pots

    Drennan Pole Pots

    Brand new set of two pole pots from Drennan available in either black or aqua. Each set comprises of a large 250ml pot and a smaller 150ml pot.


  • Drennan Dacron Connectors

    Drennan Dacron Connectors

    NEW Aqua now available. These lightweight connectors feature a braided material that is coated to ensure it is kind to both your line and the elastic.


  • Drennan Pole Float Silicone

    Drennan Pole Float Silicone

    Pole Float Silicone comes in four different diameters and consists of two pre-cut sizes of silicone tubing in each pack.


  • Drennan Hi-Viz Waggler Tips

    Drennan Hi-Viz Waggler Tips

    These Hi-Viz Waggler Tips are designed to fit the Drennan Crystal® range of Insert Wagglers including the Puddle Chuckers.


  • Drennan Visi Wag No2

    Drennan Visi Wag No2

    The Visi Wag 2 is an insert waggler with a 2mm hollow Hi-Viz banded tip and comes in five sizes ranging from 1g to 2g.


  • Drennan Visi Wag No1

    Drennan Visi Wag No1

    The Visi Wag 1 is an insert waggler with a 4mm hollow Hi-Viz banded tip and comes in seven sizes ranging from 1g to 4g.


  • Drennan AS9 Pole Floats

    Drennan AS9 Pole Floats

    The AS9's are available in seven sizes from 0.2g all the way up to 1g. They feature a 2mm hollow plastic tip and our new nickel titanium stems in 0.7mm.


  • ESP Tungsten Loaded Beads

    ESP Tungsten Loaded Beads

    The trusty old ESP 5mm rubber beads have been a staple component for helicopter and chod set ups on leadcore since 1999 and now they have been given the heavyweight tungsten treatment


  • ESP Jumper

    ESP Jumper

    The winter ESP Jumper as worn by Terry Hearn in the ‘Tunnel Vision’ film features a super chunky, heavyweight ‘fisherman’s rib’ knit pattern in a perfect blend of olive green and brown.


  • ESP Onyx Compact Big Pit Reel

    ESP Onyx Compact Big Pit Reel

    Introducing the baby brother of the original ESP Onyx reel, the new Compact version features all of the same excellent technical attributes of the original, but in a smaller, lighter (200g lighter) unit.


  • Daiwa 18 Ninja LT Reels

    Daiwa 18 Ninja LT Reels

    New edition to the LT range, the Ninja is packed full of features and a fantastic price too! Features Daiwa's Light & tough technology...


  • Daiwa Big Bore Top Kits - Pre Bushed

    Daiwa Big Bore Top Kits - Pre Bushed

    Now Pre-Bushed for ease of elastication and available in Daiwa's cloud finish as well as the standard black version. Available in 4.7mm and 5.8mm bush sizes.


  • Fox Camo Mat - CCC043

    Fox Camo Mat - CCC043

    Perfect for stalking, boat use and for anglers that like to travel light + 50mm deep foam to protect fish from hard ground


  • Daiwa Sweepfire Spin Rods

    Daiwa Sweepfire Spin Rods

    The Daiwa Sweepfire Spin Rods are quality at a great price! Featuring a DPRS reels seat, hook keeper ring an A/O rings.