Hot New Products!

  • Guru Rive ST Limited Edition Seat Box

    Guru Rive ST Limited Edition Seat Box

    This limited edition ST-D36 is finished with their signature orange design, they have combined forces with one of the UK’s top manufacturers to create this simply fantastic creation!


  • Nash Tackle Bread Bombs

    Nash Tackle Bread Bombs

    The ultimate bread rig, whether for surface feeders or as an alternative hookbait on the bottom. Cast as hard as you like and still present bread brilliantly, knowing it won’t fall off when you least want it to!


  • Shimano Sahara Fighting Drag Reels

    Shimano Sahara Fighting Drag Reels

    A mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano quality. With a visually stunning metallic platinum and gold finish, this reel is an eye-catcher in every angler's hands.


  • Drennan Acolyte Pro 16m Pole

    Drennan Acolyte Pro 16m Pole & Spare Sections

    16 metres of pure quality, taking pole fishing to a completely new level! Designed from the ground up to handle modern venues and techniques, from catching carp and F1s on commercial fisheries to silverfish on canals and rivers.


  • Drennan 8m Acolyte Pro Whip

    Drennan 8m Acolyte Pro Whip

    A tele/take-apart whip with put-over sections from four to eight. Designed for speed fishing and long line to hand when bagging roach, dace and bleak on venues such as the Wye, Thames, Trent etc.


  • ESP Sixth Sense T-Shirts

    ESP Sixth Sense T-Shirts

    A carpy olive or maroon T-shirt featuring a full size faded print and woven ESP logo hem label. Equally suited to the lake or the pub!


  • ESP Camo T-Shirt

    ESP Camo T-Shirt

    An ultra carpy T-shirt for when you really want to blend in. Featuring a traditional DPM style camo pattern with the classic ESP logo screen printed on the left chest and on the small woven hem label.


  • ESP Military Cap

    ESP Military Cap

    A classically styled military cap made from a heavyweight cotton canvas, featuring velcro adjustment for a really comfortable fit.


  • Drennan Barrel Swivels

    Drennan Barrel Swivels

    Barrel Swivels are an essential item of terminal tackle which can be used for a variety of uses. Available in four sizes.


  • Korda Fake Food Pop-Up Dumbells

    Korda Fake Food 8mm Pop-Up Dumbells, IB flavour

    These differ from other plastic hook baits as the attractor combinations have been moulded into the plastic during construction, rather than simply soaked in neat flavour, which washes away quickly.


  • Korda Quick Change Booms

    Korda Quick Change Booms

    These pre-tied booms have a quick change swivel and are available in two alternative lengths - either 5.5" or 7.5".


  • Guru In-Line Method Feeders

    Guru In-Line Method Feeders

    An in-line version of the GURU Method Feeder for use with a GURU size 11 Rig System swivel. Mini sizes also now available.


  • GURU X-PRESS Method Feeder Moulds

    GURU X-PRESS Method Feeder Moulds

    Available in 3 sizes (inc. MINI) to suit the Guru X-Safe and In-Line Method feeders, but will work with most flat Method feeders. Ideal with groundbait or pellets.


  • Guru Hybrid Feeders

    Guru Hybrid Feeders

    4 NEW SIZES! Just as their name suggests, these are a combination of a method feeder, banjo feeder and a pellet feeder, but with added holes on the bottom and side to help push the bait out.


  • Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters, 10mm

    Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters

    These bright orange in colour, semi-buoyant boilies have an absolutely gorgeous chocolate orange aroma, that smell almost good enough to eat! Available in 6mm, 10mm & 12mm.