Hot New Products!

  • Matrix EVA Multi Rests

    Matrix EVA Multi Rests

    Developed to allow the end caps to be changed from prongs to flush caps. Available in smooth or rippled EVA & in two sizes.


  • Korda Goo Liquids - inc NEW 2018 FLAVOURS

    Korda Goo Liquids

    Still catching fish wherever it goes & now new for 2019, Krill Supreme, Isotonic Supreme & Pinkberry Smoke which are sure to put plent of fish on the bank too!


  • Guru Micro Cubes

    Guru Micro Cubes

    Micro shot in cube form, creating a very durable, super soft, line friendly shot. Can be placed on even the thickest diameter lines, sliding easily without damaging the line.


  • Guru Polar Soft Shell Jacket

    Guru Polar Soft Shell Jacket

    Showerproof, with a warm micro fleece lining, the Guru Polar Soft Shell Jacket is lightweight and is perfect for all-round use! The zips are extremely strong, and everything is really well made & robust including the seams


  • Guru Fusion Float Cases

    Guru Fusion Float Cases

    2 x EVA zipped topped cases designed to house all manner of floats, Hard cased for protection of delicate floats


  • Drennan AS Pencil Floats

    Drennan AS Pencil Floats

    Longer, slimmer and more sensitive than the AS 5, the AS Pencil is versatile float that performs equally well on all Rivers, Still waters and Commercials


  • Drennan Vertex Landing Net Handles

    Drennan Vertex Landing Net Handles

    As with all of our net poles, the threaded fitting is both bonded and pinned in place for maximum strength and durability in a reinforced section.


  • Drennan SF3 Pole Floats

    Drennan SF3 Pole Floats

    The SF3 is the latest addition to the range and is ideal for slow moving rivers, stillwaters and commercials.


  • Drennan Vertex Float Rods

    Drennan Vertex Float Rods

    Lightweight and beautifully balanced with a fast tip action which provides excellent float control and line management.


  • Drennan Vertex Method Feeder Rods

    Drennan Vertex Method Feeder Rods

    After 15 years the acclaimed Series 7 rods have been replaced as we take advantage of new and improved materials and manufacturing techniques in our new range of Vertex rods.


  • ESP Gizmo Rig Tool

    ESP Gizmo Rig Tool

    Its tapered shape provides three grooves for shaping different sized loops in stiff hooklink materials and coated braid. The thin tapered point is perfect for shaping D’s on chod rigs etc.


  • ESP Onyx Carp Rods

    ESP Onyx Carp Rods

    The new ESP Onyx rods are available in two popular test curves, 12’ 3.0lb and 12’ 3.25lb, both with 50mm distance ringing.


  • ESP Retainer Sling

    ESP Retainer Sling

    Made using super soft fish friendly mesh which drains quickly and allows safe water flow and accurate weighing.