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SonuBaits Method Mixes

We have three of the Sonu Method mixes for you to choose from - Match Method Mix Match Method Mix Dark and Spicy Meaty Method Mix. All are the same price.

DescriptionPart CodeStockPriceQTY
Match Method Mix DarkS1770021In Stock£9.99
Match Method Mix OriginalS1770020In Stock£9.99
Spicy Meaty Method MixS1770001In Stock£9.99
Chocolate Orange Method MixS1770023In Stock£9.99

Product Description

SONU Match Method Mix

Sonu claim that this is the ultimate Match Method Mix! It is the original mix, designed by Des Shipp & Les Thompson, and is the perfect choice when using the method on commercial fisheries. It comes in a 2kg re-sealable bag with a free Preston Innovations flat bed Method feeder included in the bag.

The mix is made from different ground pellets and fishmeals and has been designed to stay on the method feeder until it reaches the bottom. Once it is on the lake bed it will come off the feeder so keeping all the groundbait on the bottom which encourages fish to feed competitively in a compact area rather than different layers of the water. Des has put his own easy to follow mixing technique on the label ensuring perfectly mixed groundbait every time.

This groundbait can also be used in cage feeders.

SONU Match Method Mix Dark

This is a dark green version of the massively popular Match Method Mix. The groundbait mixes and performs exactly the same as the original. Designed for the modern Method feeder angler, the darker colour offers an edge when fishing in shallow water or up to features such as islands or far marginal edges as fish are less wary of dark groundbaits in clear water. This also makes it a good winter mix, the particles which come off the feeder attract the fish into the area creating competition without over feeding them.

Free in every bag is a Preston Innovations flat bed in-line Method feeder which is designed for use with the Quick Release Method Mould. The groundbait performs perfectly with this set up and because of the streamlined shape of the feeder, accurate casting is much easier.

SONU Spicy Meaty Method Mix

In this Sonu product, a blend of pellets, fishmeals, spices and meat extracts are crushed together to make a unique flavoured groundbait. Spicy Meaty Method Mix is an all round groundbait perfect for targeting specimen fish such as carp, bream, tench and barbel. It can be used in a number of different ways depending on the fishing situation.

For use on the Method feeder, simply add two pints of water to the bag of groundbait and mix thoroughly. Leave this for 45 minutes to allow the groundbait to fully absorb the water and riddle.

It is equally suitable for use in cage feeders or can be balled in when mixed slightly drier.


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