Enterprise Imitation Hemp

Enterprise Imitation Hemp

Designed to fool fish and for best results, fish over a bed of Hemp or particles, works well for roach on rivers.

ProductOur PriceQuantity
Enterprise BUOYANT Hemp£2.25
Enterprise SINKING Hemp£2.25

Product Description

An imitation split grain of hemp that can be used directly on a hook or hair rig. It contains a soft white rubber kernel that makes hooking easy and ensures the hook stays firmly in place. Use a single grain on a small hook e.g. size 18, or multiple grains can be threaded onto a hair by passing a baiting needle through the soft kernel.

With the buoyant version, the buoyancy of the grains will partly counterbalance the weight of the hook. As a guide: 10 grains will counterbalance a size 10 specimen type hook.

Enterprise's Sinking Hemp has been designed to fool fish that may be wary of a larger hook bait. For best results, fish over a bed of Hemp or particles. Resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish.



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