Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner Grubs

Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner Grubs

These fake maggots create line aligner effect ensuring the hook turns in the fishes mouth. Made from harder material than other imitation maggots.

Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner Grubs £2.50

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Product Description

The mag-aligner has not only proved devastating for carp but also for tench, bream, chub and barbel. Invented by Big Carp editor Rob Maylin.

Maggot fishing can be a deadly tactic for carp particularly in the winter months when the small nuisance fish are less active. It was Rob Maylin who discovered that by sliding one of the Enterprise Tackle fake maggots over the eye of the hook, it not only created a line aligner effect which ensures the hook turns in the fishes mouth, resulting in very efficient hooking, but also helps to disguise the hook. With 2 or 3 real maggots nicked on the hook and fished helicopter style in conjunction with a large PVA bag of maggots, Rob had created one of the deadly carp rigs ever. He named it the Mag-Aligner.

Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner grubs have been developed specifically for the rig to Rob’s exact specification. Made from a much harder material than other imitation maggots to maximise the line aligner effect, they are also straight in appearance which helps when threading them on the rig.

Available in a mixed pack of 20 grubs (red, white and bronze).

Full details on the back of the pack.



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