CC Moore Northern Specials Booster Liquid

CC Moore Northern Specials Booster Liquid

Potent liquid made from the same blend of flavours used in the production of Gareth Fareham phenomenal Northern Specials.

CC Moore Northern Specials Booster Liquid £11.50

Product Description

Northern Specials and matching loose feeds

For applying the devastating NS1 flavour to pops and hookbaits we recommend using the purposefully-formulated ‘Northern Specials NS1 Booster Liquid’ (see below). This potently attractive liquid is the pure fruit flavour combination which is used to make Gareth’s all-conquering Northern Special NS1’s and will significantly boost the attraction potential of any hookbait making it almost irresistible to feeding fish- in even the most extreme winter conditions.


This potent booster liquid is made from the same secret blend of chosen flavours that is used in the production of Gareth Fareham’s phenomenal Northern Specials. Combining concentrated appetite stimulants and carefully selected fruit flavours containing powerful active ingredients, Northern Specials Booster Liquid delivers a ‘zesty’ taste sensation to baits which literally entices fish to feed in even the coldest water temperatures.

This product is super-concentrated and can be applied to hookbaits in small doses. CC Moore have found that applying a light coating to baits before allowing it to dry into them to be the most effective way of using this liquid. This process can then be repeated as many times as required but may affect the buoyancy of the hookbaits if used excessively.

CC Moore recommend using Northern Specials NS1 Booster Liquid on Northern Specials NS 1 Pop Up and Wafter Hookbaits to give them an intense rush of attraction which travels over extreme distances when immersed in water, enticing fish to your ‘primed’ hookbait.


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