Korda SkyLiner Spod, Mini or Large Size

Korda SkyLiner Spod

Korda SkyLiner Spod, Mini or Large Size

A cross breed of all the best parts of modern day `Bait Rockets`. It casts further than anything in its class and loses very little feed out of the back. Available in a `mini` size as well as the larger standard size.

SizeOur PriceQuantity
Mini Skyliner£6.50
Large Skyliner£7.50

Product Description

Korda have now re-vamped the design and colour of the SkLiner spod to evolve the MKII. Firstly the body of the spod has changed from black to a carpy green colour. They have also taken the front flights nearest the nose cone off which means the spods flight will not be as badly affected in cross winds. In addition all of their spods now come with new and detachable spod tails. These are slightly rigid which assists casting performance and also makes filling with bait much easier.

The Korda Skyliner Spod MKII is a cross breed of all the best parts of modern day `Bait Rockets`. It is the result of many thousands of hours spent spodding by Team Korda. The combined design features form a spod that:

  • Casts further than anything in its class
  • Loses very little feed out of the back
  • Is less affected by cross winds dumps the load quickly
  • Is easily seen at any distance and retrieves so smoothly it feels like its not there
  • Also features a unique hole configuration making the spod literally glide along the surface with virtually no resistance. This feature alone makes it miles better than the rest!

The spod is easy to fill - Korda recommend a mix of particles like hemp and partiblend with some pellets and small or broken boilies as an ideal mix. The pellets will break down and form a stodgy mix which causes a cloud effect in the water and stops any spillage out the back of the spod in flight. Use a fairly long drop to get the rod working for you. The ideal drop would see the spod around level with the spigot of the rod if the rod were dead upright.

Following the unrivalled success of the original Skyliner it was inevitable that Korda would release a smaller brother to go with it - the MINI SKYLINER. A more robust buoyant and adorable product you would be hard pushed to find! This is a spod that can introduce any newcomer to spodding as it does not require specialist spodding equipment to cast it. Full of bait it weighs no more than 3oz which means normal carp rods of 2.5lb TC will be able to cast this spod comfortably to ranges of up to 80 yards. Unlike other mini spods which fly badly and don’t release bait very well this is perfectly aerodynamic and with all the characteristics of the original Skyliner it will release bait with consummate ease. Specialist and match anglers have already been putting these through their paces with fantastic results.


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