Cralusso Torpedo Floats and Torpedo Tuning

Cralusso Torpedo Floats and Torpedo Tuning

World Championship winning floats used on running water to give perfect presentation and sensitive bite indication.

SizeOur PriceQuantity
Torpedo 0.5g£5.99
Torpedo 0.75g£5.99
Torpedo 1g£5.99
Torpedo 2g£5.99
Torpedo 3g£5.99
Torpedo 4g£5.99
Torpedo 5g£5.99
Torpedo Tuning 6g£6.50
Torpedo Tuning 8g£6.50
Torpedo Tuning 10g£6.50
Torpedo Tuning 12g£6.50
Torpedo Tuning 15g£6.50
Torpedo Tuning 20g£6.50

Product Description

These flat floats were used by Alan Scothorne when winning the gold medal in the World championships in 2004. They were also used by the Hungarians when winning the team gold medal. The innovative design of the Cralusso Torpedo flat float offers significant advantages over other flat pole floats.

The Torpedo overcomes problems often associated with this style of fishing. It does not ride up in the water or vibrate in turbulent or windy conditions because the pressure of flowing water holds the body down in line with the flow ensuring a very stable and sensitive presentation. In sizes from 0.5gm and 5gm the Torpedo floats have a fixed bristle. Floats from 6gm up to 50 gm are supplied with two standard and three flat interchangeable bristles in different colours. Also provided is a quick fitting "tuning" device that is used to exagerate the down-force effect of the water on the float. In strong flow the body will be forced well below the surface and an extra long and reversible colour bristle is included for use in these circumstances. The polyurethane material chosen for manufacture of the bodies of all Cralusso floats will not take on water so minor surface damage will not lead to adverse performance.

  • Changeable tips in sizes 6g and above
  • Corrugated body shape prevents lift
  • Expanded polyurethane body will not take on water
  • Steel stem cast into body
  • Limited Sizes Available

Also available Torpedo Tuning - An advanced version of the Torpedo float which helped the Hungarian team to win gold in the 2003 World Championships. The Torpedo Tuning was also the success story of the 2005 European Championships- 80% of the contestants used these floats including Will Raison the individual champion.


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