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Daiwa Hyper Sensor Monofil, inc. NEW Gunmetal Colour

Offering a reduced diameter and higher abrasion resistance, Daiwa`s Hyper Sensor is suitably named. Also now available in Gunmetal colour.

DescriptionPart CodeStockPriceQTY
Gunmetal colour 10lb - 300m HSGMM300-10HSGMM300-10In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 30lb - 685m HSGMM-30HSGMM-30In Stock£16.75
Dark Sensor colour 5lb - 300m HSM300-05HSM300-05In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 6lb -300m HSM300-06HSM300-06In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 8lb -300m HSM300-08HSM300-08In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 12lb -300m HSM300-12HSM300-12In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 15lb -300m HSM300-15HSM300-15In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 18lb -300m HSM300-18HSM300-18In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 5lb - 300m HSGMM300-05HSGMM300-05In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 6lb - 300m HSGMM300-06HSGMM300-06In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 8lb - 300m HSGMM300-08HSGMM300-08In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 10lb -300m HSGMM300-10HSM300-10In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 12lb - 300m HSGMM300-12HSGMM300-12In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 15lb - 300m HSGMM300-15HSGMM300-15In Stock£7.50
Gunmetal colour 18lb - 300m HSGMM300-18HSGMM300-18In Stock£7.50
Dark Sensor colour 5lb -3701m HSM0-5HSM05In Stock£15.99
Dark Sensor colour 6lb -2900m HSM06HSM06In Stock£15.99
Dark Sensor colour 8lb -2374m HSM08HSM08In Stock£14.99
Dark Sensor colour 10lb -1963m HSM10HSM10In Stock£15.99
Dark Sensor colour 12lb -1657m HSM12HSM12In Stock£15.99
Dark Sensor colour 15lb -1261m HSM15HSM15In Stock£15.99
Dark Sensor colour 18lb -1192m HSM18HSM18Out of Stock  Notify me when back in stock £15.99
Gunmetal colour 5lb -3701m HSGMM0-5HSGMM-05In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 6lb - 2900m HSGMM-06HSGMM-06In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 8lb - 2374m HSGMM-08HSGMM-08In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 10lb - 1963m HSGMM-10HSGMM-10In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 12lb - 1675m HSGMM-12HSGMM-12In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 15lb - 1261m HSGMM-15HSGMM-15In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 18lb - 1192m HSGMM-18HSGMM-18In Stock£15.99
Gunmetal colour 30lb - 685m HSGMM-30HSGMM-30Out of Stock  Notify me when back in stock £15.99

Product Description

Offering a reduced diameter and higher abrasion resistance, Daiwa's Hyper Sensor is suitably named. Ideal for the rigors met in the regular use of rough fishing conditions, this monofil takes the Sensor performance to another level.

Available in value for money bulk spools (6lb to 30lb) and popular 300m spools (5lb to 18lb).

It is also now available in a Gunmetal Grey colour. Made in Japan.

Key Features:

  • Hyper abrasion resistant
  • Hyper knot strength
  • Longer casting thanks to reduced diameter
  • Original dark Sensor colour and now available in Gunmetal grey
B/sDiameterSpool sizeDark Sensor CodeGunmetal Code
8lbs /3.63kg0.235mm2374mHSM08HSGMM-08
10lbs /4.54kg0.26mm1963mHSM10HSGMM-10
12lbs /5.44kg0.28mm1675mHSM12HSGMM-12


B/sDiameterSpool SizeDark Sensor CodeGunmetal Code


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