Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs
  • Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs
  • Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs
  • Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs
  • Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs
  • Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs

Drennan Crystal Dibber Float Rigs

Three styles of expertly hand tied pole rigs, each made in Drennan's own factories and featuring their award-winning Crystal Dibber pole floats. Quality comĀ­ponĀ­ents are used throughout.

Float Rig requiredOur PriceQuantity
0.2g Hooker Dibber£3.95
0.3g Hooker Dibber£3.95
0.4g Hooker Dibber£3.95
0.2g Bandit Dibber£3.95
0.3g Bandit Dibber£3.95
0.4g Bandit Dibber£3.95
0.2g Pushstop Dibber£3.95
0.3g Pushstop Dibber£3.95
0.4g Pushstop Dibber£3.95

Product Description

As with all Drennan pole rigs, Crystal Dibber Rigs are hand-tied in their own factories to metic­u­lous standards.

Quality com­pon­ents are used throughout, with accur­ately shotted floats and well-tied knots. Each rig is tied to sens­ible line from 0.18mm (5.8lb) to 0.23mm (8.9lb) depending on rig size.

They also fea­ture hook­lengths joined loop-to-loop from 0.16mm (4.9lb) to 0.20mm (6.9lb) and Wide Gape Carp or Power Carp Riggers hooks from 16s to 12s.

There are three Crystal Dibber Rig options, each offering you a slightly dif­ferent way to hook your bait:

  • Hooker Dibber Rigs fea­ture a Wide Gape Carp spade end hook and are ideal for dir­ectly mounting live baits such as mag­gots, casters and worms along with soft pellets, meat and sweetcorn.
  • Bandit Dibber Rigs fea­ture eyed Wide Gape Power hooks with a hair-rigged Natural Latex Pellet Band. This band can be easily pulled around a hard pellet or dumbell with the help of a Band Stretcher or care­fully pulled inside pel­lets, meat, corn and drilled boilies with a Band Puller tool.
  • Pushstop Dibber Rigs fea­ture Wide Gape Power hooks and incor­porate a hair-rigged Drennan Pushstop. Used in con­junc­tion with a Pushstop Pusher tool you can effi­ciently mount baits such as soft pel­lets, meat, sweet­corn and drilled boilies.

The actual floats used are Drennan's award-winning Crystal Dibbers, which are tough, buoyant and pur­pose made for catching carp in shallow water. They are ideal in depths up to around 1.2m deep – whether that’s up in the water, down the mar­gins or tight across to a far-bank island.

The trans­parent body is also much harder for a fish to detect. Each Dibber Rig comes on a super-tough pole winder with clearly printed inform­a­tion, stating the float, line and hook size.

The rigs are tied to 1.5m of line, which can be trimmed down fur­ther should you wish. In good con­di­tions Drennan recom­mend having any­thing from 30cm to 60cm of line above the float. If it is windy or the fish are par­tic­u­larly wary of swim­ming under your pole tip, then 1m or more of line above the float can be better. The floats are accur­ately shotted with a neat bulk of shot. You can alter the shot’s pos­i­tion by moistening the line and care­fully sliding one shot at a time, up or down the line. As you can tell, Drennan have put a great deal of thought into these Crystal Dibber Rigs! They are well-designed, con­venient to use and per­fect for catching carp and other quality fish using modern fishing baits and techniques.

Key Features:

  • Award-winning Crystal Dibber pole floats
  • 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g float sizes
  • Red, orange or yellow tips
  • Three hook­length styles
  • Strong and dur­able line and hooks
  • Sensible shot sizes
  • Well-tied loops
  • Toughened pole winder
  • Clear inform­a­tion printed on pole winder
  • Ideal for shallow fishing, mar­gins and far-bank islands
  • Recommended for depths between 20cm and 1.2m
  • Perfect for catching carp and quality fish
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Ready to fish with straight from the packet



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