Drennan Easy Fit Bungee Bushes

Drennan Easy Fit Bungee Bushes are high-quality PTFE bushes designed to fit Drennan Top Sections without glue or needing to ‘cut back’

OptionOur PriceQuantity
Match - Grey 1.7mm£3.65
Match - Aqua 2.0mm£3.65
Match - Green - 2.3mm£3.65
Carp - Aqua 2.0mm£3.65
Carp - Green 2.3mm£3.65
Carp - Yellow 2.6mm£3.65
Carp - Pink 3.2mm£3.65
Carp - Red 3.5mm£3.65
Margin - Pink 3.2mm£3.65
Margin - Red 3.5mm£3.65
Margin - Orange 4.1mm£3.65

Product Description

The product comes in three different categories including Carp (x5), Margin (x3) and Match (x3). The bushes are colour coded to match the Drennan pole elastics for those who like to be organised as possible.

Other brand top sections can be cut back to a uniform length where the serrated portion provides a positive fit.

Match Easy Fit Bungee Bushes are a standard 3.5mm outside diameter to suit solid elastics and the lightest bungees. These include Grey (1.7mm), Blue (2mm), and Green (2.3mm)

Carp Easy Fit Bungee Bushes are a standard 4.7mm outside diameter with five internal diameters. These include Blue (2MM), Green (2.3mm), Yellow (2.6mm), Purple (3.2mm) and Red (3.5mm).

Margin Easy Fit Bungee Bushes are a standard 5.4mm outside diameter with three internal diameters. These include Purple (3.2mm), Red (3.5mm) and Yellow (4.1mm).), Purple (3.2mm) and Red (3.5mm).


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