Drennan Supplex Fluorocarbon

Drennan Supplex Fluorocarbon, 50m spools

Available in no less than 12 accurate diameters and breaking strains, from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb). Can make a real difference in clear water and when bites are at a premium!

Breaking strainOur PriceQuantity
0.9lb / 0.075mm£5.95
1.3lb / 0.095mm£5.95
1.7lb / 0.105mm£5.95
2.0lb / 0.12mm£5.95
2.6lb / 0.13mm£5.95
3.3lb / 0.15mm£5.95
4.4lb / 0.17mm£5.95
5.0lb / 0.19mm£5.95
5.6lb / 0.20mm£5.95
6.4lb / 0.22mm£5.95
8.0lb / 0.25mm£5.95
10lb / 0.30mm£5.95

Product Description

Supplex Fluorocarbon is avail­able in no less than 12 accurate dia­meters and breaking strains, from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb).

As it is made from 100% fluoro­carbon, it is excep­tion­ally abra­sion res­istant, sinks well and doesn’t degrade in sun­light like standard mono can. It also has a very sim­ilar refractive index to water, making it almost invis­ible in clear water.

Fluorocarbon is also less prone to spin­ning up on the retrieve com­pared to standard mono, making it a great choice for when you are con­tinu­ally casting out and reeling in.

Each size comes on a con­venient 50m spool that shouldn’t take up too much room in your tackle box.

In clear water and when bites are at a premium, Supplex Fluorocarbon can make all the difference!

The range:

  • 0.075mm / 0.9lb
  • 0.095mm / 1.3lb
  • 0.105mm / 1.7lb
  • 0.12mm / 2.0lb
  • 0.13mm / 2.6lb
  • 0.15mm / 3.3lb
  • 0.17mm / 4.4lb
  • 0.19mm / 5.0lb
  • 0.20mm / 5.6lb
  • 0.22mm / 6.4lb
  • 0.25mm / 8.0lb
  • 0.30mm / 10.0lb


  • 100% fluoro­carbon
  • Similar refractive index to water
  • Supple
  • Abrasion res­istant
  • Impressive knot strength
  • Wide range of dia­meters from 0.075mm to 0.30mm
  • Wide range of breaking strains from 0.9lb to 10.0lb



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