ESP Mega Method Rigs  Barbed

ESP Mega Method Rigs

ESP Mega Method Rigs, Barbed or Barbless

On 4" (10cm) hook lengths and hand tied using Raptor Curve-Shanx hooks. Including mini frame of hair stops plus extender stops for use with bigger baits.

SizeOur PriceQuantity
Barbed Size 6£4.85
Barbed Size 8£4.85
Barbed Size 10£4.85
Barbless Size 6£4.85
Barbless Size 8£4.85
Barbless Size 10£4.85

Product Description

Designed to perfectly complement the new ESP Mega Method Feeders, these short braided rigs are also ideal for PVA bag rigs. Tied in ESP's own factory, these rigs provide ultimate performance and convenience.

ESP recommend a short, soft braided hook-link of about 4" long be used with the Mega Method feeders. A hook-link of stiffer material, such as coated braid or fluorocarbon has a tendency to loop up when used with the method. As the groundbait or pellets break down, stiffer hook-links can actually dislodge the hook bait and almost spring it out of its strategic position on top of the feeder. This particularly applies to counterbalanced hook baits.

So, to perfectly complement the feeders, ESP have also launched these Mega Method Rigs. These rigs provide deadly effective presentation and hook holds. When combined with the enclosed Extender stops, a wide variety of hook baits can be used.

The overall length of 4" is just right for tucking the hook bait back inside the method mix moulded onto the feeder. The super-strong, soft Camo Sink Link braid is really inconspicuous and does not loop up or be prone to dislodge the hook bait from the feeder as the bait disperses - an inherent problem with stiffer hook-link materials.

The loop at the end of the hook-link allows for quick connection and removal from a clip link or swivel, very useful when speed fishing on prolific runs waters. Tied using ESP Curve-Shanx Teflon coated hooks which are super sharp, strong - and their shape ensures excellent anti-ejection and hook holding properties without the need for shrink tube.

Available in both barbed and barbless patterns:

  • Size 6 to 20lb
  • Size 8 to 20lb
  • Size 10 to 15lb

3 rigs per pack

Product Video

ESP Mega Method Feeders & Rigs


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