ESP PVA Tape & String
  • ESP PVA Tape & String


ESP PVA Tape and String

PVA Tape is not only perfect for tying off PVA bags and funnel web but also great for `stringers`. PVA String is ideal for making stringers of boilies.

Item requiredOur PriceQuantity
PVA Tape£4.95
PVA 6 Ply String£6.95

Product Description

PVA Tape is ideal for sealing PVA Bags and keeping boilies nicely spread apart on stringers, it is also useful for tying long hairs to the hook to prevent them from tangling on the cast. Don't forget to leave a little space between the baits, otherwise the tape won't melt.

15 metres x 9mm tape, supplied in a neat dispenser.


PVA String is ideal for making stringers of boilies.The special ESP blend of PVA String has an extra loose weave which allows water to penetrate between the filaments ensuring rapid meltdown without residue. These strands can be further separated into finer lengths for even faster dispersal. The 6 Ply String is a good, all-round string for varying water temperatures capable of supporting 3-4 baits for casting up to 70 yards.


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