ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon

ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon

Newly revamped, this fluorocarbon is now even softer with more stretch. It is a pure fluorocarbon, so provides maximum invisibility in water.

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Even softer and with more stretch than the original Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon, this is an ideal and versatile hooklength material for carp, particularly in clear water.

Being a pure fluorocarbon with the same refractive index as water it makes this line virtually invisible as it does not reflect light but absorbs it, thus blending in perfectly.

It features a specific gravity of 1.78 making it denser than water so rigs lie quickly tighter to the bottom.

For maximum knot strength ESP recommend a 5 turn grinner or palomar knot at the swivel or a knotless knot or Domhoff Whipping knot when tying directly to a hook.

Available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 18lb breaking strains.

Supplied in 20m spools


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