Korda Ready-Tied Carp Rigs
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Korda Ready-Tied Carp Rigs

Korda Ready-Tied Carp Rigs

Ready-Tied Carp Rigs, tied to perfection, each rig is presented neatly on a rig board. Also includes IQ D Rigs.

Type & SizeOur PriceQuantity
Soft Braid Barbless Size 6£2.25
Soft Braid Barbless Size 8£2.25
Soft Braid Barbless Size 10£2.25
DF Barbless Size 6£2.25
DF Barbless Size 8£2.25
DF Barbless Size 10£2.25
KD Barbless Size 6£2.25
KD Barbless Size 8£2.25
KD Barbless Size 10£2.25
IQ D Barbless Size 4£2.25
IQ D Barbless Size 6£2.25
IQ D Barbless Size 8£2.25

Product Description

For instant carping and instant results, you just have to try these Ready-Tied Carp Rigs. Designed and tied to perfection, the most experienced of anglers will have no problem in incorporating them into their angling.

Each rig is constructed from either Supernatural Braid or Soft N-Trap so whether you're targeting soft or hard lake beds, there's a material to suit.

Not only that, each rig comes readily available in a range of hook sizes or patterns. Wide Gapes, Wide Gape B's and Kurv Shank's all form part of these wonderful rigs.

Each Ready-Rig is presented neatly on a dedicated rig board to keep it straight and safe in transit. Therefore, you know the link will be perfectly in tact, with no kinks, when it comes to actually using it.

Now, these are also the first rigs to include dedicated Extenda Stops and Bait Stops in the same package - just enough to keep you going!

Rigs available:

  • Soft Braid Barbless Carp Rig, tied with 18lb Weed Green Super Natural Braid and WideGape B hooks. Size 6, 8 or 10
  • DF Barbless Carp Rig, tied with 15lb Soft N-Trap Coated Hooklink and Wide Gape hooks. Size 6, 8 or 10
  • KD Barbless Carp Rig, tied with 15lb Soft N-Trap Coated Hooklink and Kurv Shank hooks. Size 6, 8 or 10
  • IQ D Rigs, tied with IQ2. Size 4, 6 or 8


Ready Tied IQ D-Rigs

It has to be said that the Dan Fairbrass version of the D-rig can be a little daunting to tie, so Koreda have taken all the complexity out of your fishing with these impeccably tied ready rigs. They have been hand-tied to Dan’s exacting specifications, even down to the whipping knot. The IQ D-rig is a fabulous rig to use for wary carp, thanks to its inherent stiffness and the superb anti-eject properties that the swivel sliding on the large D arrangement gives.
The IQ D-rig is perfect for use with a boilie approach and Dan nearly always uses it with one of his wafter hook baits, which just sit above the hook when on the lake bed. The rigs are barbless, and in size 4 (tied to 15lb IQ2), 6 (tied to 12lb IQ2) or 8 (tied to 10lb IQ2).


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