KORDA Sinkers - hooklength tungsten weights

KORDA Sinkers

KORDA Sinkers - hooklength tungsten weights

A compact hooklength weight, made from heavy tungsten. Slide onto your hook link to pin it to the lake bed.

Size & Colour requiredOur PriceQuantity
Small Green KSKSG£2.65
Small Brown KSKSB£2.65
Large Green KSKLG£2.65
Large Brown KSKLB£2.65

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Product Description

A compact hooklength weight, made from heavy tungsten, designed to slide onto your hook link and ultimately pin it to the lake bed to keep your hooklength out of the carp’s way. Simply place your hook link material through one of the Sinker sections and slide the weight on.

Moistening the hooklength will allow it to slide much easier. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position rather than flying off on the cast like putty may. Available in Safezone colours (green or brown) to camouflage into the lake bed, and in two separate sizes (small or large).

Features include the following:

  • Revolutionary rig tuning component that keeps the hooklength nailed hard to the bottom, out of the way of feeding fish.
  • For use on mono, braid and coated hooklength materials.
  • 12 SMALL weights per pack; 9 LARGE weights per pack
  • Colours available - Gravel Brown or Weedy Green



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