Korum 3-Piece Feeder Rods

Korum 3-Piece Feeder Rods & Spare Tips

This awesome range of 3-piece feeder rods includes models that are perfect for all styles of modern feeder fishing.

Rod requiredOur Price Quantity
11ft Feeder 45g - KFROD/01£49.99
12ft Feeder 45g - KFROD/02£49.99
12ft Feeder 60g - KFROD/03£49.99
12ft Feeder 90g - KFROD/04£54.49
12ft Feeder 120g - KFROD/05£54.49
13ft Feeder 120g - KFROD/06£54.49
13ft Feeder 150g - KFROD/07£59.99
13ft Feeder 180g - KFROD/08£59.99
Spare Tip, 2.65mm Light, Orange - KFROD/TIP01£13.99
Spare Tip, 2.65mm Medium, Yellow - KFROD/TIP02£13.99
Spare Tip, 2.65mm Heavy, Red - KFROD/TIP03£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm Heavy, Yellow - KFROD/TIP04£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm X-Heavy, Red - KFROD/TIP05£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm Heavy, XX-Green - KFROD/TIP06£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm Light, Orange - KFROD/TIP07£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm Medium, Yellow - KFROD/TIP08£13.99
Spare Tip, 3.2mm Heavy, Red - KFROD/TIP09£13.99

Product Description

This awesome range of 3-piece feeder rods includes models that are perfect for all styles of modern feeder fishing. Whether using the method at short range, or traditional open-end tactics at long range, this comprehensive selection of rods perfectly suits all feeder anglers. They offfer a crisp action for improved casting and fish playing performance, and are equally at home feeder fishing on stillwaters, rivers and commercials.

  • Slim Hard EVA and Hard Cork handles with screw down reel seat
  • Gunsmoke folding hook keeper
  • Stunning black 5% gloss finish
  • Three quiver tips per rod
  • Lightweight gunsmoke guides
  • Packs down to three pieces including tip for easy transport

11ft FEEDER (3.3M) 45G - KFROD/01
A fantastic tip rod for a multitude of species. Ideally suited to lakes where feeders need to be dispatched accurately at short to medium range. A versatile choice. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP01; /TIP02; /TIP03

12ft FEEDER (3.6M) 45G - KFROD/02
Perfectly suited for feeder fishing at medium range for a range of species. A fantastic all-rounder feeder rod that has plenty of backbone for hard fighting species. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP01; /TIP02; /TIP03

12ft FEEDER (3.6M) 60G - KFROD/03
A superb feeder rod with more power for larger feeders at longer range. A versatile rod that lends itself beautifully to a variety of feeder fishing tactics. Also at home on slow moving rivers. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP01; /TIP02; /TIP03

12ft FEEDER (3.6M) 90G - KFROD/04
A really great distance feeder fishing option that casts larger feeders accurately without fuss yet retains enough tip sensitivity for silver fish tactics. Equally useful for medium-paced river tactics. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP07; /TIP08; /TIP09

12ft FEEDER (3.6M) 120G - KFROD/05
The most powerful of all the 12ft Feeder rods in the range. Great for longer range fishing with heavier feeders and a superb option on moving water. Ideal for many species thanks to the sensitive tips. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP07; /TIP08; /TIP09

13ft FEEDER (3.9M) 120G - KFROD/06
Distance feeder fishing made easy. The first of the 13ft models in the range, this rod can handle large feeders on stillwaters and faster-moving water. More powerful tips provide a crisp recovery for casting, for improved accuracy. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP07; /TIP08; /TIP09

13ft FEEDER (3.9M) 150G - KFROD/07
More power and a faster action make this a joy for longer casts or fishing with heavier feeders. Works well on large stillwaters and fast-paced rivers. The powerful tips recover quickly for optimum casting performance. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP04; /TIP05; /TIP06

13ft FEEDER (3.9M) 180G - KFROD/08
The most powerful rod in the range and will easily launch feeders over 100m. Can be used with large feeders on both stillwaters and rivers. Larger guides and a powerful blank enhance casting performance. Tips supplied: KFROD/TIP04; /TIP05; /TIP06

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Korum Feeder Rods


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