NISA Open-End InLine Feeders

NISA Open-End InLine Feeder

NISA Open-End InLine Feeders

Complie with fisheries that insist on inline feeders. The mainline runs through a tube in the feeder, so if a breakage occurs above the feeder the line pulls through and fish are never tethered.

Size of feederOur PriceQuantity
Small 1oz£1.70
Medium 1oz£1.70

Product Description

These are designed as a direct response to the growing number of fisheries that insist on inline feeders, with issues of fish welfare in mind.

As the main-line runs through the feeder via a tube, any breakage which occurs above the feeder means the line pulls through and fish are never tethered.

Rigging the feeders like this provides the easiest way of using a very short hooklength in order to place a hookbait right next to the feeder. This can be very effective for carp, bream and tench on stillwaters, or big barbel on rivers.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small (28g / 1oz)
  • Medium (28g / 1oz)



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