Preston Innovations Competition Pro Feeder Rods

Preston Innovations Competition Pro Feeder Rods & Spare Tips

Six new rods to cover just about every feeder fishing scenario from light bomb work on canals and commercials to distance fishing or big feeder use on lakes and rivers.

Item requiredRRPOur Price Quantity
9ft Super Light Feeder, CPRS01£94.99£85.49
10ft Light Feeder, CPRS02£99.99£89.99
11ft 4in Light Medium Feeder, CPRS03£119.99£107.99
12ft Medium Feeder, CPRS04£124.99£112.49
12ft 6in Medium Heavy Feeder, CPRS05£129.99£116.99
13ft Heavy Feeder, CPRS06£139.99£125.99
Competition Pro spare light tip, 2.35mm, dark pink, CRTIP/01£18.99£18.99
Competition Pro spare medium tip, 2.35mm, dark pink, CRTIP/02£18.99£18.99
Competition Pro spare ultra light tip, 3.5mm, orange, CRTIP/03£18.99£18.99
Competition Pro spare light tip, 3.5mm, dark pink, CRTIP/04£18.99£18.99
Competition Pro spare medium tip, 3.5mm, orange, CRTIP/05£18.99£18.99
Competition Pro spare heavy tip, 3.5mm, dark pink, CRTIP/06£18.99£18.99

Product Description


Purpose designed for use with small feeders and bombs, this is the perfect rod for short range feeder fishing up to 30m.

Primarily designed as a silver fish rod, it also lends itself to light winter fishing on commercials for F1’s. Super slim and responsive for use with light lines and small hooks.

Line Rating 3lb - 6lb



At 10ft this rod is suitable for slightly longer casts up to around 40m and has more power in reserve for bonus fish.

Suitable for all silverfish applications as well as winter fishing on commercials. The blank features a progressive tip action that is forgiving enough to cope with fine terminal tackle.

Line Rating 3lb - 6lb



The 11ft 4in Light-Medium model is the perfect bream rod and has a deceptively strong yet soft action, capable of despatching fully loaded groundbait or method feeders up to 50m.

Suitable for lakes and rivers alike and has enough strength in reserve to cope with big bream and carp.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb



Purpose designed for medium range feeder fishing and casting up to around 60m.

The 12ft Competition Pro Feeder also doubles as a great all round feeder rod for rivers and commercials.

The perfect balance of performance, strength and finesse makes this rod the ideal choice for all species.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb



For medium to long range stillwater feeder fishing as well as heavy feeder fishing on rivers, this rod has the ability to punch big feeders a long way whilst still maintaining casting accuracy.

It also has plenty of backbone to tame hard fighting big fish such as carp and barbel.

Line Rating 4lb - 8lb



The powerful blank of the 13ft Heavy Feeder model is ideally suited to big river fishing where it is imperative to keep as much line as possible out of the flow when using large, heavy feeders.

Can also double as a big fish rod for specimen sized match carp on larger commercials.

Line Rating 6lb - 10lb


Spare Tips for these rods are also available to buy separately - please see the options in the purchase menu. The 2.35mm tips are suitable for the Super Light, Light and Light-Medium Feeder rods, whilst the 3.5mm tips will fit the Medium, Medium-Heavy and Heavy Feeder rods.


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