Preston Hollo Elastic
  • Preston Hollo Elastic

Preston Innovations Hollo Elastic

Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, this elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance.

OptionOur PriceQuantity
9 Hollo Blue HEL09£11.99
15 Hollo Dark Blue. HEL15£11.99
17 Hollo Yellow HEL17£11.99
19 Hollo Purple HEL19£11.99
11 Hollo Red HEL11£11.99
13 Hollo Green HEL13£11.99
7 Hollo Light Blue HEL07£11.99

Product Description

Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, Hollo Elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance. Hollo Elastic is available in 7 different strengths to suit all carp fishing situations from 7H up to a very powerful 19H.

Thoroughly tested by our consultants, Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition. The ratings correspond to normal elastic ratings, so a 13H rating is between 12 and 14 normal elastic strength. Due to a special manufacturing process, injecting lubricant inside the elastic is not required.

Hollo, from Preston Innovations, is the first complete system designed for anglers who prefer to use hollow elastic. Preston have used their unrivalled experience in elastic design to produce a hollow elastic that performs consistently, all of the time.

At the heart of the system is the Hollo Elastic which now comes in seven strengths: 7H - 9H -11H-13H-15H-17H-19H. Each is designed to do a specific job:

  • 7 Hollo is perfect for a wide range of species and venues. Ideal for commercial silverfish such as skimmers, bream, and winter F1 fishing. Equally effective on lakes, canals and rivers for smaller species like roach, perch, bream, etc.
  • 9H for small carp and silver fish.
  • 13H for small and medium carp.
  • 15H for medium and large carp.
  • 19H for big carp or hit and hold situations.
  • 11H Red and Yellow 17H have also been added to the range

These are complimented by Hollo Bungs, with an in-built elastic winder that enables quick change of elastic tension depending on the size of fish and method used. Hollo Connectors are colour coded to match the elastic and big enough for all sizes of elastic, and the Hollow PTFE Bushes are designed to fit all power kits and cut back pole tips.

Product Video

Preston Innovations 7 Hollo Elastic


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