Preston Innovations Quiver Rod Rest
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Preston Innovations Quiver Rod Rest

Preston Innovations Quiver Rod Rest, Tube Rest, Butt Rest and Free Flow Rest

Extremely popular fishing rod rests that are versatile and very well made.

Rod RestOur PriceQuantity
Quiver Rest - OFFBOX/41£5.99
Butt Rest - OFFBOX/43£3.99
Tube Rest - OFFBOX/42£5.99
Free Flow Rest - OFFBOX/69£5.99

Product Description

  • Quiver Rod Rest OFFBOX/41 - Special angle design head enabling secure rod positioning when fishing the tip.This rod rest head comes with the FIXANGLE mechanism which locks the rest into exactly the angle required.
  • Butt Rest OFFBOX/43 - This soft feel rest is designed to hold the rod butt securely, whether fishing in either horizontal or vertical, due to the moulded `lip` at the rear of the rest. Simple and effective - the best ideas often are!
  • Tube Rod Rest OFFBOX/42 - The soft rubber tube insert and high sides holds your rod securely in place - even in the windiest conditions. The Tube Rest also incorporates `FIXANGLE`, ensuring that the rest remains at exactly the right angle.
  • Free Flow Rest OFFBOX/69 - High sided rod rest on a 'fixangle' mechanism, featuring a deep line groove allowing direct contact with your bait.



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