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Preston Innovations Hollo Connectors

Preston Innovations Slip Connectors - Hollo, Micro, Micro Extreme, Carp or Carp Extra

Connectors requiredOur PriceQuantity
Hollo Connectors Blue P0020014£1.99
Hollo Connectors Green HCONGS£1.99
Hollo Connectors Orange HCONOS£1.99
Hollo Connectors Yellow HCONYS£1.99
Micro Extreme Connectors Orange MXCONOS£1.99
Micro Extreme Connectors Fluoro Red MXCONRS£1.99
Micro Extreme Connectors Yellow MXCONYS£1.99
Micro Connectors Green MCONGS£1.99
Carp Extra Connectors Yellow CXCONYS£1.99
Carp Connectors Green BCONGS£1.99
Carp Connectors Orange BCONOS£1.99
Carp Connectors Black BCONBKS£1.99
Carp Extra CXCONOS£1.99

Product Description

HOLLO Connectors are colour coded to match HOLLO Elastic and made from ultra strong moulded plastic. These large connectors are designed for all hollow and large size solid elastics. A snap fit on the sliding collar ensures security.

Slip Micro Extreme Connectors are similar to Preston Slip Connectors but have an almost fluorescent colour to them. Available in several colours and designed for elastics up to size 6.

Slip Micro Connectors are manufactured to micro tolerances to ensure a perfect secure fit. Suitable for elastics up to a grade 8. Supplied with two sleeves, each with a different sized hole to ensure a perfect fit no matter what grade of elastic is being used.

Slip Carp Extra Connectors are ideal for all strong elastics. They have an almost fluorescent colour, making them highly visible when playing fish. They are ultra strong.

Slip Carp Connectors are supplied as standard with two sleeves, each with a different sized hole to suit your choice of elastic. These are strong connectors that match the colour of Slip Elastic.


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